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Elton John's engagement against Corona raised US$8 million

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17 April 2020 09:53

Elton John is not only one of the most successful artists in England, but also one of the people who are strongly committed to good causes. Accordingly, it was only a matter of time before the musician decided to set an example in the fight against Corona.

Even though Elton John is, excitingly, one of the artists who is often associated with airs and graces, his commitment in this regard proves once again that no one should be fooled by glittering accessories and success. Often it is the deeds and not the big words that can help to make a situation seem a little easier.

Because if anyone shows how uncomplicated it can obviously be to combine charity with art, it's Elton John.

The "iHeart Living Room Concert for America" - fannish and incredibly good

Granted: If you have a network like Elton John, you can certainly afford to hire high-profile stars such as Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys to get them together. This is exactly what happened at the "iHeart Living Room Concert for America", which John unceremoniously launched.

The principle: top-class celebrity artists sang from their homes to raise funds for people who are either in the Corona crisis particularly committed or in need of support. The spectacle with the famous host was broadcast by Fox and thus made accessible to a broad mass - even far away from Instagram.

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Fans of the singers might have been especially pleased about the private ambience. Because: many artists recorded their contributions to the concert from their living rooms at home. They thus provided a personal insight into their surroundings and invited the audience to change perspective, at least for a brief moment.

Music with Elton John brings an emotional touch

However, Elton John would not be Elton John if the message behind the event had not been brought into focus. Of course, the musician was concerned with more than just playing songs. Therefore, he did not miss the opportunity to encourage people in his usual sympathetic way between the acts. The obvious goal: a positive outlook on the future.

A look at the setlist of the event shows that both younger and older fans might have got their money's worth here. Whether it was Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey or Camila Cabello, the list of celebrities supporting Elton John on the day is long and certainly ensured that many people in the USA were able to enjoy their quarantine a little more.

Accordingly, the result was not only worth hearing and seeing, but also helped to pamper the psyche a little. Thus, "iHeart Living Room Concert for America" became a spectacle with many surprise effects, moments to reflect and smile and sing along.

Somehow we can only hope that this closeness to the fans will not be suddenly forgotten after Corona. After all, living room concerts of this kind in recent weeks have made the stars seem more personal to many people than before.

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