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Loiza Lamers is out - who will now become Dancing Star 2020?


Even though there is currently no audience allowed in the TV studios in Germany due to the Corona crisis, millions of people find themselves in front of their TV sets every evening to watch a new episode of "Let's Dance".

This year, the candidates appear extremely versatile. They come from a wide variety of industries. Whether comedians, such as Ilka Bessin (formerly "Cindy aus Marzahn") or Instagram starlet Laura Müller: they all give their best for a great show.

The factor Diversity However, the title also seemed to play an important role on another level. After Kerstin Ott already fought for the title last year, Loiza Lamers dared to compete this time. The beautiful Dutch woman was born a boy. Today, she is a self-confident woman who - at least it seems - enjoyed participating more than Kerstin Ott. The latter had a hard time coming out of her shell on the dance floor... and was eliminated comparatively early.

Last Friday, dear Loiza unfortunately also had to pack her bags. But what does that mean for the show? Who now has what it takes to be the "Dancing Star 2020"?

Lili Paul-Roncalli as favourite?! Among others...

Lili Paul-Roncalli is not only incredibly likeable, but also comes from a circus family and thus has everything it takes to become Dancing Star 2020. She also harmonises with Massimo Sinato at her side. The result: numerous 10-point scoops. But will that be enough for the final victory?

Would you have known that you can charm your partner so easily?

Now that more and more is being sifted out every week, the famous wheat is slowly being separated from the chaff. Besides the circus princess, actors Tijan Njie, Luca Hänni and Laura Müller should not be underestimated here.

Laura Müller? "The Wendler's?!" - yes, exactly. She, too, has certainly made it further than many would have thought. Even head judge Joachim Llambi has, obviously after initial scepticism, more and more positive words (and more points) for her. However, no one should rest on their laurels. The fall from 30 to 20 (or less) points can hurt. Tijan, too, knows by now how it feels to be praised one day and strongly criticised the next.

By the way, Swiss Lica Hänni and Christina Luft also perform consistently well. They could manage to march confidently from round to round. Even if other couples reach 30 points more often. Rarely has a relay been as exciting as the current one.

How is "Let's dance" developing during the Corona crisis?

Admittedly, the likelihood that "Let's dance" will return in 2020 before Live-audience will take place is low. Nevertheless, the makers of the show have managed to maintain at least a small part of the flair.

Applause from the tape, optimistic presenters, ambitious celebrities and partitions between the judges ensure that the show still goes down well with the audience. Nevertheless, it naturally seems a little strange when - apart from the dances - meticulous attention has to be paid to the minimum distance on a show like "Let's Dance". But: better safe than sorry.

Tips to avoid food cravings

"Let's Dance" is thus one of the shows that manage to maintain a little normality in these difficult times. For many people, the show has long since become standard on Friday evenings. Therefore, it is to be hoped that it will not be forced to take a break - as recently happened with "The Masked Singer". Right now, it needs a little distraction and diversion, doesn't it?

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