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"The Boys in the Band" - Jim Parsons plays a screenwriter

Who "The Big Bang Theory"knows him too: Jim Parsons. As Dr Dr Sheldon Cooper he has won the hearts of the audience over several seasons. Nerd-fan spectators. Now he seems to want to prove to the world that he can do more than "only" to be funny.

A look at the first pictures around "The Boys in the Band" shows that the new Jim Parsons definitely not with Dr Dr Sheldon Cooper and its peculiarities can be compared.

Instead calls Parsons obviously displays his complete acting talent and shows once again how versatile he is.

Even though many actors in the past may have found it difficult to break away from such a characteristic role: Parsons has obviously succeeded. In "The Boys in the Band" he plays a Screenwriterswho decides to throw a party. But suddenly nothing seems to go as planned.

"The Boys in the Band" - what is it about?

"The Boys in the Band" is set in New York in the late 1960s. Michael, a Screenwriter (and played by Jim Parsons), has a birthday and wants to celebrate it lavishly.

At some point, however, the mood threatens to tip over. Alcohol, melancholy feelings and a confrontation with one's own past cause many things to get out of hand.

Especially interesting: the majority of the friends invited to said party are gay. A fact that caused many problems for those affected in the 1960s. This is also reflected in the various stories that have now come to light. come.

Gayroyal Alternatives & Experiences

It is about self-acceptance, but also about the desire to be accepted by society. Accordingly, the film is not only a new work, but rather certainly also an important insight into an Scenewhich, especially in the course of the 1960s, was still completely different from what it is today.

Due to the numerous different characters, different points of view are thus likely to be conveyed in an artistic way.

"The Boys in the Band" - Jim Parsons plays a screenwriter

A top-class star line-up

Jim Parsons is not the only name that is likely to make the hearts of film and TV fans beat faster. Among others, there are also greats such as Joe Mantellos, known from "The Normal Heat" and Matt Bomer at the start.

In addition, the film was produced by, among others, the makers of "American Horror Story", "American Crime Story" and "Glee" supported.

To what extent it "The Boys in the Band"If the film actually succeeds in reaching people's hearts, we will see from 30 September onwards. The film can be streamed from this date.

On Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons plays in "The Boys in the Band" not only the role of the Screenwriterwho invites his gay friends to a party, but is also gay himself. In public, however, he does not talk much about his private life. Posts in which he shows himself together with his husband are comparatively rare.

Nevertheless, the subject matter of the film suggests that "The Boys in the Band"It could have been a kind of project of the heart. After all, the film obviously manages to combine the fun that is part of the scene with the melancholy of people who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation and try to come to terms with this in a special way.

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