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Beatrix von Storch is upset about too many gays on TV

Beatrix von Storch says there are too many gays on TV

While many people support the inclusion and public representation of the LGBTQ Scene While many people welcome the new developments, there are always critics who are not happy with the current tolerant developments.

Also many Politicians the AfD have already expressed themselves accordingly. Beatrix von Storch and many of their Party members speak again and again of the "Decay of traditional families".

The prejudice that homosexual relationships in the TV The fact that the development of children is being harmed is a recurring theme in current discussions.

But what does the current debate around the statements of Beatrix von Storch triggered?

Beatrix von Storch and her criticism of the TV programme

In her Podcast "Free World" outraged Beatrix von Storch with her husband about the fact that too many LGBTQ characters are now in the Television to be seen.

The Member of the Bundestag sees the traditional values of the classical family under threat. In her opinion, the audience is flooded with too many homosexual people and their lifestyle.

The classical moral values of a family would accordingly be lost in the modern TV trampled underfoot.

Activists and LGBTQ scene sympathisers are outraged

Currently the LGBTQ Series not advertised significantly more than a few years ago. The fact that they are more in the Spotlight than others that have been known for some time. FormatsThe reason for this is that the scene had to fight for a long time to become publicly (or public) are taking place. Or in other words: a few years ago there were far fewer LGBTQ people in the country. Contentsthat could have been advertised at all.

Of course, this progress is celebrated accordingly, especially within the queer community.

What are the most widespread prejudices against gays?

With this media Attention seems Beatrix von Storch to forget that still more than 90 per cent of the German TV content is hardly connected to the LGBTQ scene.

Family-friendly Programme - whether classical or Rainbow family - is still considered an extremely important criterion of the Transmitter at the Programme design. And that is exactly what will certainly remain the case in the future.

LGBTQ against von Storch

Unfortunately, this message is not the only homophobic statement of the Politician. One of the most important advances for the rights of homosexual couples was the opening of marriage for all. Not only homosexuals celebrated this decision. Many heterosexual people were also happy for those who were now finally able to enjoy the "Love of her life" - and to marry regardless of gender.

This development was also Beatrix von Storch anything but enthusiastic. She suspected that the opening of marriage for all, would now also lead to Sodom and Gomorrah (or at least to polygamy) would lead to.

Whether the Politician It's hard to say whether the LGBTQ scene or fellow foreigners are their biggest enemies.

The fact is: Beatrix von Storch and the community are unlikely to find a common denominator in this lifetime. come.

LGBTQ TV - more successful than ever

Nevertheless, Ms von Storch is indirectly right on one point. Nowadays LGBTQ takes place far more openly in the TV than was the case a few years ago. Whereas in the days of the "Lindenstraße" was still a solid scandal that men in the TV kissed, today distributes a gay Bachelor Ties to his Candidates.

Many viewers love to think outside the box. They celebrate the stars of the scene and thus manage to see that borders that (unfortunately) still exist in the minds of many people can be slowly but surely dismantled.

Pruning yes or no? Why "it" is still "in"...

Accordingly, it is to be hoped that the current Developments continue, so that the current TV Landscape can reflect people and life with all its facets.


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