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Individual Album Promo: Lady Gaga sells pink thongs

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has managed (once again) to attract attention. And this despite the fact that during the Corona crisis, the big appearances on the red carpet are missing. Corona has also turned the life of the most freaky blonde in showbiz upside down.

This even went so far that she decided to postpone the release of her new album. It is called "Chromatica" and should have already seen the light of day. Without further ado, however, the singer decided against the release.

But Lady Gaga wouldn't be Lady Gaga if she didn't have a "Plan B" up her sleeve. She decided to put new merch on the market. And exactly THAT has it all.

A decision as a statement

In the first step, it seems reasonable to assume that the icon would not have been ready in time. After all, the Corona crisis also ensured that nothing was the same in the USA. But wrong thinking! "Chromatica" could very well have been released on time.

According to media reports, however, Lady Gaga did not feel it was right to launch an album in times of a pandemic. Therefore, the release date has now been postponed to 29 May 2020.

Until then, however, the singer will not leave her fans out in the rain. On the contrary! She has come up with something very special for her "Monsters".

"Chromatica" and the matching merchandise

No question: Lady Gaga is shrill, colourful and sexy. And that is exactly what is reflected in her current merch collection. It is based on the style of the exceptional blonde artist and includes a thong, socks and underwear. The various items are part of a special limited edition and cost between 20 and 30 dollars.

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If you're in the mood for something a little more dignified, you can also buy other items of clothing, such as jumpers or shirts, to pass the time until the official album release.

After all, the merch items fit the "Chromatica" style perfectly and should - when large events are allowed again - quickly become real visual highlights at the associated concerts.

Personal statement on twitter

Lady Gaga shared the news about the new merch items and the postponement of the album release on twitter and informed her fans about the latest news. In a long post she writes that she understands the disappointment, how much she loves her Monsters and that she hopes that - when the album is finally released - everyone can dance together again.

One thing is certain: not only die-hard Lady Gaga fans are eagerly awaiting the new date on 29 May 2020. After all, the "Poker Face" performer has enlisted celebrity support for her latest coup. Elton John, Blackpink and Ariana Grande are among those who will be taking part. After four years have passed since her last solo album, "Chromatica" could indeed be a real highlight.

And: there might be a very special date waiting for the fans! It could be that the singer will also be on stage at this year's Coachella, which has been postponed to autumn (09 to 11 October 2020)! She would have been on stage at the original date.

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