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Pocher and Papa on the road - from Fire Massage to Trans Show.

Pocher and Papa on the road - from fire massage to trans show

Recently, TV viewers had the opportunity to get to know the two Pocher men from a completely different perspective. Oliver and his dad Gerd went to Thailand to get to know the foreign culture and the people. Even after the first few minutes of the programme, it became clear that "Pocher and Papa on the Road" was by no means just a comedy show.

On the contrary, many viewers in the social networks were quite surprised that the programme was to develop into an informative highlight... In many respects.

70-year-old accountant travels with comedian

The composition of this special "travel group" alone seemed extremely promising right from the start. On one side: Gerd, accountant and convinced Jehovah's Witness, on the other side Oliver Pocher, comedian and the current terror of all influencers.

Or in other words: the differences could not have been more profound. Whether in connection with the first-aid kit, shampoos in the hotel room or food: the Pochers' opinions clearly diverged in many subject areas. The corresponding differences mostly contributed to the smiles. Only on one topic did Gerd take absolutely no joke: his faith.

He belongs to the Jehovah's Witnesses and accordingly could not accept visiting a Buddhist temple, for example. This is "the wrong religion". Oliver is obviously no stranger to this topic of discussion. Especially with regard to faith, there would always be differences between the two.

"If I had known..." - Gerd Pocher and his son dance in women's clothes

Anyone who has followed Oliver Pocher's career in recent months and years knows that he appeared as a contestant on "Let's Dance", among other things. So what should be an argument against continuing the motto "Dancing is my life" in Thailand as well?

Conchita Wurst covers together with Ricky Merino

The Pochers danced here - together with men dressed as women - in a show. Particularly exciting: Gerd was obviously not aware at the time that he was sharing the stage with transsexuals or so-called Thai boys. In retrospect, he explained that he would certainly have decided against it if he had been informed about this. And Oli? He still found it funny - perhaps also because he had met his father from a completely new side.

"Dream team" despite differences? The net celebrates the Pochers

The insights Oliver Pocher has already given into his private life in the course of his career are manageable. Among other things, he protects his children from the media and does not publish any pictures of them on social networks.

Accordingly, "Pocher und Papa auf Reisen" was a real highlight for fans who wanted to know a little more about the Hannover 96 fan.

And indeed, one had the impression that even Gerd's affiliation to Jehovah's Witnesses and his corresponding moral views could not harm the good mood and the relationship among each other.

On the contrary! Both son and father seemed to respect each other. No matter how clearly their opinions might differ on various topics.

In the end, the show offered a lot of what the viewer can expect from a special Friday night entertainment: Information, celebrity factor and the good feeling that there is probably a difference between "show" and "family togetherness" after all... At least in the Pocher house.


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