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What does "attractive" actually mean?

What do we mean by an attractive man

The Duden defines the term "attractive" among others as: "[very] attractive because of a pleasing appearance, pretty, charming".

However, reality shows that it is not really easy to proceed according to standardised factors here.

What is considered attractive is always in the eye of the beholder. What a great advantage! After all, this ensures that the well-known saying "Every pot finds its lid!" can also be implemented in everyday life.

It is not really possible to generalise about what is attractive, or is it?

Yes, appearance is important - at least in part

The first impression is decisive. This also applies, among other things, to the choice of a partner. Within milliseconds, a person judges another - often unconsciously in the first step. In this time, many sympathy points can be collected.

Moreover, certain characteristics are more attractive than others. And (unfortunately) even a golden character cannot change this. Interestingly, this "Sieving"This is not an acquired trait, but is already present at birth. Scientists have found that babies look at attractive faces much longer than apparently less attractive ones.

But what makes a face attractive? For both sexes, a broad smile, big eyes and prominent cheekbones can be attractive.

For partnerships, this means that people usually look for a partner who is healthy, potent and strong or muscular. Millennial instincts help to recognise these criteria through appearance.

Only after the first impression does the counterpart get the chance to convince with his inner values as well. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

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What do we mean by an attractive man

Attractive attributes - which factors still seem attractive?

After a certain person has been classified as visually appealing, he or she can - at least ideally - score points with other characteristics. In addition to classic external features, the following factors in particular play a decisive role:


Within a very short time, a visual analysis is carried out to determine whether the other person has a sickly appearance. If the skin looks sallow or the head bloated, the chances fall. On the other hand, broad shoulders, clear skin and a healthy complexion are particularly attractive.

Same or similar level of education

"Birds of a feather flock together!", this motto also often applies to educational attainment in relation to the choice of partner. It is not a standardised rule of thumb, but: many people feel more comfortable if their partner has approximately the same level of education. This is partly because they often feel that conversations can take place at the same level that way.


There is nothing better than laughing from the bottom of your heart. Together with a loved one, this is twice as much fun. A person who can make someone laugh is therefore particularly attractive. He is - quite automatically - associated with positive feelings.

Everyone is attractive in their own way!

No, this is not just an empty phrase, but a fact. Many people in love believe that their partner is "the most beautiful in the whole world", even if others may not share this opinion.

In addition, attractiveness takes place on different levels and thus everyone should be able to further emphasise their individual strengths in this context.

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Additional tip: if you want to raise your personal attractiveness to a new level (without putting too much pressure on yourself), you can work on your attitude, among other things. Positivity, a healthy relationship with one's own body and friendliness have a far more attractive effect on most people than the so often quoted ideal weight.



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