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Kisses, kisses and kisses or "Prince Charming, episode 7".

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 7 of Prince Charming

One thing is already certain: the battle for the Prince Charming certainly won't be any more. The fewer candidates there are, the harder (or so it seems) they fight. But the prince himself will not be spared one or two heartbreaks, was already proven in episode 6.

Because: among other things, it was here that Joachim to pull out of the race. And this despite the fact that he had been a favourite - certainly not only among the spectators - for a long period of time.

In episode 7, however, things continue passionately again. As always, if you don't want to be spoiled, you should stop reading now at the latest. The episode we are talking about here will be shown on 30.11.2020 at VOX at FreeTV aired.

Is Prince Charming's mood changing?

Especially Joachim's Decision to end the struggle for Alex to abandon the Princes visibly upset. No wonder, then, that he needs a little time to sort himself out again. Some of the other participants are also visibly shocked. They are also searching - more or less extrovertedly - for the answer to the question of who could be counted among the closest favourites. Nothing seems to be certain here.

But there is not much time left to think about it. Because the next group date is waiting in the wings. Alex' Choice falls on Arne, Lauritz, Gino, Jacob and Vincent. Conversely, this means for Michael and Andreathat they - with a feeling of boredom and Jealousy - have to stay in the villa.

Nicolas Puschmann speaks out for the first time after love affair

On the other hand, the group date is not at all boring. Because the guys are drawn to the beach. Sea, cocktails and pretty people: what more could you want?

The Kiss on the Beach

The group date and Gino's Idea or courage, Prince Charming directly to a little one-on-one date far away from the group is rewarded. He gets to enjoy a kiss from his beloved ... after being buried in the sand by the rest of the group.

At the end of the group date, the question arises once again as to who will be allowed to stay for a single date afterwards. Surprisingly, the choice here does not fall on Ginobut on Vincent.

In a particularly cosy moment, the two even sing together. This is certainly one of the most romantic situations of the entire season (at least so far). The scene is made perfect, of course, by a heartfelt kiss between the two.

The "Happy Hour" - here too there is smooching

Whoever has the Prince Charming "Happy Hour" with the classic Bachelor's Night of Roses, will surely quickly come to the conclusion that the Straight Variant here in some areas a little "bourgeois"because: in the past, there was hardly ever smooching here. Because: there was hardly ever any smooching here in the past.

Alex and his boys seem to have far fewer inhibitions here. Among other things, the Scene, in which LauritzI could literally feel his nervousness through the screen when he Princes asked for a one-to-one conversation. Since he seemed to find it really difficult to express his feelings, he decided to Alex to take the pressure off his beau... And kissed him.

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 3 of Prince Charming

This, however, was not to be the only kiss of the Happy Hour act. Also Jacob was allowed to make out before the coveted ties were finally distributed. Compared to the previous Happy Hours, however, there were far fewer ties available this time. More kisses and increased pressure to decide? It remains exciting.



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