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"Prince Charming" in search of Mr. Right

Prince Charming: Nicolas Puschmann. ©Photo: TVNOW / Arya Shirazi

20 April 2020 07:00

Those who used to think that dating shows only gave straight people the opportunity to look for love were proved wrong with "Prince Charming".

Here, Nicolas Puschmann, the first German gay bachelor, set out to find his suitable partner.

Even before the programme was broadcast on TVnow was available, the camp of the viewers seemed to be divided. On the one hand: the people who could not imagine a gay Bachelor under any circumstances. On the other side: enthusiastic dating fans who had only been waiting for homosexuals to get the opportunity to search for their great love with media attention.

As soon as the first episode of "Prince Charming" was released, it was clear that this was a format that had the potential to make history.

But what actually distinguishes the gay Bachelor from the classic version? And how did Nicolas Puschmann manage to take the hearts of gays and straights by storm? One thing is certain: the positive developments in the direction of equal rights are fun and help to bring heteros and the LGBTQ Bringing the community closer together. Who needs prejudice when you can celebrate the search for love instead?

An old familiar concept in a completely new guise

Basically, "Prince Charming"20 attractive singles vie for the heart of Nicolas, the prince. Throughout the entire season, he comes across as a sympathetic calming influence who always manages to keep his cool despite numerous disputes among his suitors.

His task: sifting out candidates with the help of the most coveted ties ever. Because: while flowers are distributed on the night of the roses on "The Bachelor", the gays on "Prince Charming" try to keep their ties until the last show. Whoever has to hand in the accessory has to go home.

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 8 of Prince Charming

To help everyone get to know each other better, the programme includes individual and group dates - and of course the famous overnight dates. In the middle of it all: Nicolas, who, according to his own statement, does not commit to any particular type of man. All the better (and more exciting) for the viewer! And indeed: you get the feeling that the gay Bachelor actually gives everyone the chance to conquer his heart.

Same number of episodes, more action?!

Many dating format fans now prefer "Prince Charming" to the classic Bachelor. There are many reasons for this. However, the first episode already shows how much more action is waiting here. Who doesn't know the endless getting out of the limousine of the candidates? Even here, "Prince Charming" shows a little more imagination. Because: the gay bachelor drives up in a carriage while his suitors are already there.

The result: an even bigger wow moment - not only for the viewers. In addition, they tend to be less embarrassed than in similar formats, as there is no need for the lengthy "Naaaa? How are you?" and "Ohh, I'm sooo excited!" are no longer necessary. Instead, both the participants and Nicolas Puschmann are thrown straight into the deep end and have to present themselves from second one.

Funny moments and great characters - an exciting gay adventure

The success of "Prince Charming" can certainly be attributed to a certain extent to the particular Characters justify. Because: of course, they are exactly the ones a dating show lives on.

However, it is not only the separate look at the individual candidates that is particularly exciting. The composition was also convincing. No matter whether shy or extroverted: every conceivable type of candidate seems to be represented here.

And what would a dating show be without arguments? "Prince Charming" is in no way inferior to "The Bachelor" here. From minor (and major) intrigues to bitchiness, almost everything that makes a good story is represented.

The topics of contention? A colourful mix. It's about recognition, Jealousy and sometimes a little below the belt. Audience favourites are found just as quickly as those who never seem to tire of stirring up "the joint". Nevertheless, real shitstorms in connection with the programme are largely absent. Doubts about the honest intentions of the candidates are also rare on the part of the viewers.

The first embarrassing trip to the sex shop

In short: anyone looking for funny entertainment, exciting dialogue and an authentic prince will get their money's worth here. Always varied, but never really evil, there is a vying for Nicolas' heart. Sometimes with more, sometimes with less claws... and sometimes - as contestant Alexander pointed out - in "bitch mode".

A secret star: the mother of the prince

©Photo: TVNOW / Arya Shirazi

From the very first episode, the net community had taken a very special person to their hearts: the "Queen Mother". Nicolas' mother is certainly the kind of mum that every gay man secretly wishes for. Incredibly sympathetic and full of pride, she tells of the Coming Out of her son and how important it is to her that he is happy.

She is certainly one of those people who did not think for a second about keeping her son's homosexuality a secret. On the contrary! Extremely open and modern, she shows how easy it can be to accept your child as he is - completely independent of age.

A great statement for the gay community

The mere fact that the Gay Bachelor managed to record a Grimme Award for the programme represents a real milestone. Certainly, this is a fact that no one would have thought possible.

At least as convincing, however, is the positive response that the programme continues to receive. The individual episodes have already been viewed quite a few times. Some sentences, especially those exchanged between the candidates, have been celebrated.

Sure: surely many members of the LGBTQ Community asked what a gay bachelor would look like. Is it a question of Scene ridicule? How authentic is the reporting? Questions like these must also have caused sleepless nights for the candidates.

All the better that the concept worked. Neither too harmonious nor too beastly, the participants managed to make their way into the hearts of the audience.

How do you get a toned upper body by spring?

And: the fact that "Prince Charming" then actually managed to switch from TVnow's premium offer to classic TVnow and now to VOX shows that the TV landscape was just waiting for a format like this. Many fans can't wait for season 2 (if it actually comes).

Warning spoilers!!! Are "Prince Charming" and his chosen one still together?

Many casting candidates know: a love that was found via a TV show does not have to last "forever". Therefore, it is self-explanatory why many viewers were a little sceptical about the new "Prince Charming" couple.

Would the love that began in such an unconventional way last? Or would Nicolas Puschmann follow in the footsteps of Paul Janke, Daniel Völz and others?

At the latest at the famous reunion show it became clear: yes! Nicolas and his Lars are indeed still together. The love story even goes further! In the meantime, the two have moved in together and live in a shared flat in Düsseldorf. This should be the perfect basis for a long future together.

How fun do you think it would be if the first gay Bachelor couple showed the couples from the original how it's done?

Definitely not only for gays

It would definitely be wrong to recommend "Prince Charming" exclusively to gays. Many straight people should also have fun, if only because of the sometimes hilarious dialogue ("After two months of detox, I need a drink. Or five!").

The programme shows: the TV landscape is definitely ready for a dating show for gays. No one is ridiculed here, no one is exposed.

Rather, watching is about not only having fun but also broadening your own horizons.

There is still a long way to go before complete equality is achieved. However, shows like "Prince Charming" contribute a great deal to society noticing how wonderfully normal love among gays can be. Maybe someday at "prime time" at 8.15 p.m.?

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