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Prince Charming finale - who will win the Prince's heart?

Attention! Spoilers! - The finale of Prince Charming

The last weeks were stirring, exciting and now and then also incredibly sexy. As is usual in the context of (almost) every dating show, the Final now has an important decision to make: Who won? Who made it, Alex' Heart to conquer?

Attention! If you don't want to read any spoilers, you should stop reading now! Because: we reveal many important details about what happened in the very last episode of the current season.

Vincent and Lauritz are in the final

Vincent and Lauritz have made it! They are the last two candidates to fight for the prince's heart... And right up to the last minute.

However, before the final decision is made, there are exactly two final dates left. First is Vincent it's his turn. He meets with Alex on a small farm. Surrounded by goats and sheep, it gets really romantic here once again. The two of them are allowed to milking and feed them and also visit a cheese dairy.

In addition to collecting special impressions, it plays a role in Alex and Vincent - as so often - the communication factor also plays an important role. The situation becomes particularly personal as Vincent told of his experiences with men, explaining that he had never had a real relationship because he had almost always been taken advantage of in the past.

Lauritzwho waits the entire time in the villa, becomes emotional. He receives a little support during a chat with his Sister. However, this cannot really calm the agitated candidate.

Planetromeo offers fun and variety

Unaware that Lauritz' Feelings in the villa roller coaster, take off Vincent and Alex to a helicopter flight. The Final date of the two culminates in a romantic sunset, a beautiful overnight stay and an extensive breakfast.

At the second Final date things are a little more action-packed. Here it says "Flyboaring" on the programme before it also starts between Alex and Lauritz become romantic. Both enjoy a brilliant dinner, swim and cuddle together in the pool.

Emotional letters and a far-reaching decision

No question: both dates cannot be compared with each other, were wonderful and certainly belong to the events that those involved will never forget in their lives. But: at some point a decision has to be made.

Lauritz and Vincent once again throw everything into the balance and try to get a little closer to their princes with letters. They write down what they feelwhat they are afraid of fear and what they wish.

Nevertheless, this (understandably) does not make the decision any easier. Rather, it has the impression that the written words are being Alex stir up even more.

Who will he choose? Who will he break the heart of? You can see the decision from the 07 December 2020 at TVNOW. The final in the VOX will be broadcast in German for the first time on 21 December 2020 shown.


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