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Sexy Autumn Must Haves for Men

Top 5 fashion trends for men in autumn 2020

Autumn 2020 is dreary, grey and anything but sexy? Not at all! If you put in a little effort and put out your (fashionable) feelers, you can definitely set great accents here! There are many ways to stand out here. Moreover, it is not always necessary to limit oneself exclusively to the classics, such as jackets and coats.

The accessories in particular can also help you to blend in a little better here. Scene to set.

But which extras should not be missing in autumn 2020? With the following tips, this special season will certainly be a little more fun. So if you feel like counteracting the autumn blues in the most attractive way possible, you should definitely read on here!

Autumn Tip No. 1: Bags

Bags for men not only look good, but are of course also incredibly practical when it comes to carrying everyday items. An all-rounder without which nothing is possible this year - at least it feels that way: the fanny pack! It not only accompanied us in spring and summer, but is also part of the game in autumn.

But don't worry! If you focus on the more simple models here, you don't have to worry that your look will look too loose. On the contrary! The fanny pack shows that - with the right designs - it can be super integrated into a classic everyday outfit. Of course, it is still "allowed" to be worn with "30+".

Autumn tip no. 2: classic patterns

No question: Retro is "in"! Those who love classic, well-known patterns will get their money's worth in autumn 2020. Whether houndstooth or typical check: classic designs are celebrating a real revival! "By the way, they can also be combined with different colours and somehow always look stylish.

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Whether in the office or at leisure: some patterns simply outlast every trend.

Autumn tip no. 3: unusual colours

Until now, those who wanted to add a little extra colour in autumn (or winter) often opted for warm orange or bright red tones. In 2020, however, the trend is moving in an even fancier direction: here, it's definitely in vogue to glitter. Various golf elements, in particular, offer a great way to accentuate certain areas of one's look even more.

Fancy a little more warmth? Then it's worth looking around in the area of bronze-coloured details. Silver is still considered particularly stylish.

Autumn Tip No. 4: Beanies

Beanies not only keep you warm, they also look incredibly good. Many men benefit from the fact that the beanie looks particularly good on them - for example, because of the shape of their head.

In general, however, this is a type of cap that almost every fashion-conscious man can identify with. Especially the lightweight models with a comparatively thin fabric are also super suitable to be worn all year round without any problems.

Autumn tip no. 5: the XXL scarf

When the temperature drops, no one wants to be cold. So it's all the better that in autumn 2020 large XXL scarves, among other things, are more fashionable than ever! They can be worn casually around the neck, always look stylish and often replace the typical turtleneck jumper.

In order for these accessories to be really appealing, it is important to choose them in such a way that they fit in well with the rest of the outfit in terms of design and colours. After all, because of their size alone, they automatically form a large part of the complete look.

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