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5 tips for well-groomed men's hands in winter

The ultimate tips for soft men's hands

Many men's hands have to deal with cosmetic problems during the cold, gloomy season. Brittle and cracked fingers not only look unsightly, but can sometimes also hurt.

The low temperatures mixed with sometimes high stress - for example during sports or at work - can put a lot of strain on the skin.

The good news, however, is that no one has to admit defeat to the phenomenon of cracked skin in winter. On the contrary! There are helpful tips that turn rough men's hands into tender "peach paws".

Ideally, of course, cracks, rough skin and co. should not occur in the first place. With the following advice, a mix of prevention and "resistance", it is often possible to keep your hands in an attractive way. Scene to set.

Tip no. 1: Gloves as a "safety zone

The basic rule is: in winter, everything that is important and can freeze is packed. The upper body is covered in a thick jacket, the trousers protect the legs (and other valuable areas), the shoes are equipped with warm lining.

But what about men's hands? Unfortunately, these are all too often forgotten and usually dangle naked from the thick jacket. They feel the full force of the cold.

But that's exactly what doesn't have to be the case! Gloves protect you from the cold wind and reduce your personal risk of dehydration.

With so many glove models available these days, you're sure to find the right model for any weather and outfit.

Tip no. 2: Wash men's hands properly

Currently more important than ever: Don't forget to wash your hands! Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, there has even been increasing talk of "proper washing".

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In addition to basic cleansing, it is possible to integrate a small beauty treatment with the right tricks.

The following applies here: excitingly, human skin copes particularly well with heat and cold. The only major problem is the difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors.

Therefore, it is advisable to stick to the right temperature when washing your hands. Here it is especially important not to wash too hot. Too high temperatures disturb the acid mantle of the skin, making it dry and brittle. Cold or lukewarm water is much better.

The soap used should also not be pH neutral. Since the skin itself has an acidic pH, it is also recommended to use a slightly acidic soap.

Tip no. 3: Hand cream

Hand cream is essential for a well-groomed impression. Aloe vera ensures supple skin, beeswax greases the hands properly and - depending on the product - not only gives them a beguiling scent, but also suppleness.

When using hand cream, the following is almost always true: "A lot helps a lot! Of course, you should not apply cream every five minutes. But after washing your hands and when needed, a cream can become a real grease and moisture booster.

Additional tip: Put the cream at home right next to the soap!

Tip No. 4: Hand masks for men's hands

Next time you go shopping in the drugstore, simply pack some face masks and - at least a little bit - misuse them. They have a moisturising effect not only on the face but also on the hands and - depending on the product - provide long-term care.

Some masks need to be absorbed for 15 minutes, others can even be absorbed overnight.

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No mask at hand? Then simply apply your favourite hand cream thickly and put on a disposable glove.

Tip no. 5: regular nail care for men's hands as well

The nails should also look healthy and strong and the nail bed should appear clean and without cracks. To create the ideal conditions for this, many manufacturers offer nail care sets.

With a varied diet, a lot can often also be achieved here in that the nails appear stronger when the body is supplied with sufficient nutrients.

Those who want to be pampered here can of course also decide to visit a nail or beauty studio on a regular basis.


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