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Homophobia against Jens Spahn: police call in the public prosecutor's office

Homophobia against Jens Spahn Police call in the public prosecutor's office

Hardly any other topic has divided Germany as much in recent years as the Corona pandemic and the measures associated with it. Just how emotionally charged the entire debate is, was recently shown by the Jens Spahn to feel.

He was called a "gay sow" insulted. Now a criminal complaint has been filed.

Insults against Jens Spahn have consequences

The police have filed a criminal complaint with the Cologne public prosecutor's office for insulting Jens Spahn posed. He was described by a visitor to the event as "gay sow" designated.

Said visitor now has the opportunity to comment on the allegation of insult. After that, it will be decided whether charges will be brought.

It is well known that politicians, especially nowadays, sometimes face a lot of headwind. They are often booed or criticised via posters and the like. The insult against Jens Spahn However, this takes place on a different, far more personal level. Thus, among other things, the criminal complaint certainly also makes a statement that shows limits.

But: since the criminal complaint has not (yet?) been filed by the Minister of Health personally, it is not yet possible to investigate further. For this it would be essential that also Spahn to have his say. Only on social networks did he emphasise that it was important to discuss and not to insult.

A found food for homophobes?

Jens Spahn is one of those people who are in the public eye and obviously have no problem admitting that they are gay. In the past, the Minister of Health has spoken in interviews about walking a lot with his husband during the Corona crisis.

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That just Spahn is the one who has to make and also represent many decisions at pandemic times, seems to be grist to the mill of those who still have a problem with recognising the rights of gay people.

Personal criticism vs. criticism of the office

The corona crisis is a completely new situation in which people - even according to many doctors - still have to gain experience. It is obvious that not everything always works directly here.

The fact that Germany is governed on the basis of a democracy allows the people to also criticise the responsible politicians. But: a line was crossed with the insults towards Jens Spahn. What was criticised here was not the obligation to wear a mask or a possible lack of support from the state.

At "gay pig!" was about more. It was about insulting and exposing a person because of his sexual orientation. And that is exactly what should no longer happen in an enlightened state in the 21st century. All the more important it is now, certainly also in the interest of the SceneIt is about finding the culprit and confronting him with his statements. The point is this, Homophobia in everyday life and not to allow such incidents to be trivialised.

However, it is also clear that Jens Spahn does not seem to have lost confidence in his work and in democracy's willingness to debate. Because: recently he also stated on twitter that the people who would criticise him in such a way were a minority. The majority of German citizens would stand together even in a crisis.

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