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Time for horror films - what actually fascinates people about blood, splatter and. Co.

Why do people love to get spooked at a horror movie

For some it is considered the "worst film genre"For others, it is a veritable elixir of life. Horror films divide the audience.

Many perceive them as brutal, gruesome and also simply disgusting. The other side celebrates precisely these attributes.

But what exactly fascinates people about Horror films? What drives them again and again in front of the Screen or into the Cinemas? One thing is certain: There are many reasons why fans of the Horrors return again and again.

Horror films are the fascination of horror

Humans are rather curious creatures and have been attracted to bizarre attractions for ages.

Freak Shows already fetched the inner Voyeur stood out. Here, among other things, it was physical characteristics that made the "Magic" of the Horrors or the "Unnatural".

This means: The origin of the Genres does not lie in the Film industry. Already in the Literature and H.P. Lovecraft and Co. a pleasant Showersthat ran down the body.

Even if it feels a little terrifying may sound: The human being creeps and sometimes really feasts on the suffering and misery of other people. But also the sympathy with individual protagonists makes Horror films to the addictive factor. Freely according to the motto "Thank God I am better!" come Here, small (and larger) feelings of happiness also arise from time to time.

Splatter: blood, violence and torture

Many people love what is probably the best-known subgenre of the Horror: the Splatter. Here the Blood, Torture are virtually the order of the day and some viewers can relate to how a surgeon feels in everyday life.

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This kind of Violence captivates the viewer. However, it would certainly also be wrong to Splatter exclusively the Blood to see. Depending on Film the focus is actually also on the plot, among other things.

Here, the option of a Happy ending - at least in rudimentary form - still exists. An aspect that gives the viewer hope. Because: his Survival instinct is addressed.

Ghosts, Demons and the Paranormal

Things that human beings cannot comprehend always carry a hint of Horror in itself. The focus here is on the Threat through the unknown in numerous facets. The fascinating thing about this Horror area is that the protagonists take on a Enemy for whom earthly laws are not important.

Some Horror films with supernatural Elements are based on true stories. One aspect, then, that still makes them somewhat creepy than they already are.

After all, this is exactly what it means that the "ideal world" is threatened by supernatural beings. That means: The Fear before the Unknown is triggered in the process.

Horror films are also often the focus of primal fears

Just about everyone wears a Fear that has accompanied him since childhood. Spiders, Darkness, Snakes and Monster are just a few examples that are presented in this Category play a role.

Many Horror films are based precisely on these primal fears. Only little appears eerie than the confrontation with one's own Fear... No matter how banal it may be (at least for others).

Horror films can be addictive

Read correctly! People can learn from Horror films in extreme cases, even become dependent. In Dangerous situations the neurotransmitter dopamine is released. This is a happiness hormone that is also released after eating or having sex.

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The associated feeling is pleasant and the body often demands more of it. While the spectator terrified adrenaline is also released... And it is precisely this mix that makes the Psyche eventually ask for more.



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