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Currently, due to the Corona pandemic, it is only possible to do sports from home.

How to make the most of pandemic time with yoga

Especially when it may also be a matter of acquiring a new Hobby many people come across Sports enthusiasts at Yoga.

With the right Equipment and professional Videos becomes Yoga in your own four walls is often child's play.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, however, attention should be paid to a few details. This includes the fact that it is important to focus on the individual Exercises and - especially at the beginning - not to want too much.

Preparation and equipment - what "yogis" need for their asanas

To help with the Yoga "perfect"In order to be prepared, it is important in the first step to Basic equipment to be added. These include - in the more generous version - a Yoga mat, a suitable Yoga outfit, a Yoga block, a Meditation cushion and a Yoga belt. If you only want to start with your own body weight and a few basics, you can initially only use the mentioned Mat and a comfortable Outfit.

The larger the Equipmentthe more flexible, however, the end result is that the Training.

A plan helps to stay on the ball

In order to trick the inner pig a little bit, it makes sense to have a Timetable to be created. The rule here is: Rather short more often train than once and long.

This means, for example, that it makes more sense to rather five times a week for 15 minutes to practice, as once a week for over an hour.

The regularity allows the relaxation to flow in and helps to get away more often for a brief Unit to overcome, even if the Motivation should leave much to be desired. At Diseases or Malaise must of course have a Break be inserted.

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Does the TimetableIt is important to think about where the individual Exercises should be carried out. The best way to do this is to opt for a quiet Area with sufficient Place to decide.

Said Rest is particularly important in the phase of Final relaxation important so that not only the Bodybut also the Soul can relax.

Start slowly, do not overdo it

Yoga exercises often resemble acrobatic art and require a good Balance feeling. Therefore, at the beginning it is good to rather stick to the simple Exercises to try.

As in real life, it is important not to give up. Not every day is the same and your own Borders should - especially with the Yoga - not be exceeded too early.

Without professional guidance, the challenging Exercises the Muscle harm it more than relax it.

Popular yoga exercises for beginners

The following exercises are an excellent way to slowly get to know yoga.

"The Sun Salutation"

This exercise is ideal for warming up and stretches the entire body. Tensions are released and the inner energy is set free.

"The Triangle"
"The Triangle"

Here the nervous system is stimulated by stretching the side of the body.

"The Warrior"
"The Warrior"

The exercise helps to improve the steadfastness of the body. In addition, the warrior is said to strengthen the psyche.

Those who have discovered yoga for themselves and regularly integrate the small workouts into their everyday life usually get to know their body better and often find their own favourites "quite incidentally".


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