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Dealing with ghosting: How to get over it!

Get out of the victim role - These tips help against ghosting

Those who suffer ghosting often feel powerless. Questions like "What did I do wrong?" and "Why doesn't he get in touch?" lead to an almost self-destructive carousel of thoughts.

Ghosting gives the person who is waiting for a response from their crush an unpleasant feeling. Depending on the mental state, the quality of life slowly but surely dwindles.

But stop! However, being ghosted is (firstly) not the end of the world and (secondly) says far more about the person who is ghosted than about the victim.

Now it is time to keep a clear head and not blame yourself. The following tips can help you get through the difficult time of being ghosted.

Tip no. 1: No calls, no messages!

Let's be honest: What reasons could there be that one of the last messages did not arrive? A dead spot? Unlikely. Nowadays, almost everyone is reachable almost all day long! And: anyone who wants to get in touch will get in touch - even if it's just to say that they'll ring through tomorrow because they're under stress at the moment.

If you notice that the other person does not get in touch, you should pull yourself together and above all not do one thing: write again and again.

Actions like these can give a very desperate impression. Several messages like "Why aren't you in touch?" are anything but sexy. Therefore (and even if it is difficult): DO NOT get in touch. In order to possibly trick yourself a little, it can help to delete the number of the swarm. If HE contacts you again, she will be there again anyway.

This is how it works with social contacts despite Corona

Tip no. 2:Distract from ghosting and the search for new hobbies

If you look the facts in the eye, you will quickly realise that the person in question is not more likely to get in touch if the smartphone is carried on the man all day. What's more: continuous anger about the (admittedly disrespectful) behaviour of the other person only diminishes one's own quality of life.

So now it's time to distract yourself. How about a new hobby? A book? Or a relaxing evening watching TV? There are many ways to pass the time. Thoughts don't always have to revolve around that "one, unattainable person" who may not be worth it at all?!

Tip no. 3: take the reins

He finally got in touch after days of playing dead? Wonderful. Of course, it's then permissible to be happy. However, it would certainly be a bit desperate to accept directly when he asks for a date.

This would only give the impression that the ghosted person was only waiting for his feedback. Therefore, even if it is difficult, it is usually better to turn the tables and let HIM fidget. True to the motto "This week looks bad. Maybe next week? I have to check my plans", he then finds out how it feels to be put on the waiting list.

Tip No. 4: Build up your own self-confidence

Anyone who has become a victim of ghosting often gets caught up in a dangerous whirlpool in which, above all, their own self-confidence suffers. With this background knowledge, it is important to start right here and push one's self-esteem a little again.

Homophobia in everyday life

It takes some practice, but: mental training can also help you realise that no one is worth forgetting themselves.

Grandma's wisdom "Where one door closes, another one opens!" may sound old-fashioned, but sometimes it holds more wisdom than it might seem at first glance.

One thing is certain: "the right one" does not ghosted.



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