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Bottom stands for submissive in bed and BDSM sex

Being with a bottom partner - either in everyday life or "only" in bed - can be inspiring in many ways. Because: this is a person who submits to the other in the BDSM realm.

So it's even better if you know what you can expect before a one-night stand. Especially if you don't want to compromise on your own role in BDSM, it makes sense to clarify the question of "bottom or not? Many gay men have absolutely no problem talking about topics like this already in the chat. This often leads to an interesting virtual foreplay.

Bottom Gays from all over Germany

You want to meet interesting bottom gays from all over Germany? No problem! All possibilities are open to you in the chat. You will certainly find out again and again that there is no such thing as a classic "bottom".

Rather, the BDSM relationship (and thus also the sex) depends on the very individual constellation of the partners. Yes, men can be more or less bottom. So the sex is certainly not boring. Often both partners get used to each other over time and with every date. So it can be worthwhile to meet such a man more often and not let the contact fade after just one night stand.

Relationships with bottom men - exciting and definitely at eye level

A classic prejudice that many bottom gays have to defend themselves against time and again is that they are not very self-confident. However, people often forget that their submissive nature in bed is merely a role.

It is therefore not surprising why many managers and successful business people, among others, prefer to give up the reins a little (or a little more) and let themselves go, especially with regard to the topic of sex.

Sometimes it's about submitting, sometimes it's about feeling pain. One thing is certain: Those who like to be masters themselves are usually happy to have a bottom man who enables them to do just that and complements them so perfectly.