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In BDSM sex, top is the opposite of bottom.

Anyone who knows a little about BDSM and everything that goes with it knows that top is the opposite of bottom. While "bottom" refers to the part that can be dominated, the "top man" is the one who sets the tone here and becomes active when it comes to whipping or otherwise humiliating the other person, for example.

Not everyone likes to switch between roles here. This explains why many gays decide to go on a conscious search for a top partner. This is how they want to be dominated. In the chat, the two characters often meet for the first time.

The top man in everyday life

Don't worry! If you are with a top man, you don't have to be afraid of being ordered around non-stop in everyday life. Many BDSM fans are quite capable of separating bed and normal daily and relationship activities from each other.

In general, the active BDSM parts are mostly incredibly lovable people who are only into it in bed when things get particularly rough. In the vast majority of cases, they are neither emotionless nor aggressive, but simply very passionate. They respect their counterpart and still manage to evoke a particularly high level of arousal through the feeling of humiliation - for all involved.

In search of a gay top man

As already mentioned, top and bottom often find each other in chats. One of the reasons for this is that it is often much easier here - in virtual space - to talk about the respective preferences.

Some gays have already integrated additions such as "Top", "Bottom" or "Sub" into their chat names and thus indicate their very personal taste. You don't know in which category you should classify your chat partner? No problem! If you have already found out that they are enthusiastic about BDSM, you can also ask them directly. He will certainly appreciate it if you can prevent misunderstandings. Because: BDSM can only be fully enjoyed if both parts fit together well and complement each other optimally.