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69" refers to a popular position. It allows both partners to satisfy each other orally at the same time.

The Position 69 represents the non plus ultra for many heterosexuals when it comes to oral to satisfy. From the outside, the "overall construct" actually resembles the number 69... At least with a little imagination.

The easiest way to enjoy 69 is for one partner to lie on their back and the other to lie on their back - exactly the other way round and with their head at the same height. Tail - on top of him. This way they can both enjoy the Penis of the other can be easily reached with the mouth. Ideally, it even comes to a shared orgasm.

Particularly athletic gays even perform 69 while standing. The principle is similar here: one partner stands and holds the other upside down at the right height. However, this actually takes a little practice and sufficient muscle strength.

69 also plays an important role in many porn films when it comes to giving a Scene to add a little more pizzazz if necessary. Of course, 69 can also be integrated into orgies with several men. Some couples also love to put themselves in the limelight like this and offer themselves to others as living Jerk Off Template an.

In short: 69 is one of the most classic oral sex positions of all, but it has not yet lost any of its special appeal. If you are looking for a comparatively uncomplicated way to satisfy the other person and be satisfied at the same time, you should get your money's worth here. come. After all, here no one has to wait long to be rewarded for the tongue games he "gives away".