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Chaps are trousers in which the buttocks and tail area are exposed.


Classic trousers are familiar to many equestrian fans in particular. However, when within the gay Scene When people talk about chaps, they are by no means referring to the covers that are supposed to provide a more secure seat on the horse.

Chaps play an important role for gays, especially in the BDSM scene play an important role. Here they usually consist of Leather or lacquer. The special thing about it: the area around the buttocks and the Tail the strap is cut out and thus more or less freely accessible. Mostly, these trousers are worn in the long version.

Chaps are a great way to start a flirt or a ONS to start and come especially often in the biker scene. The chap can be combined with skimpy briefs according to personal taste.

Especially in the context of relevant gay parties (and of course also during sex), wearing chaps is part of the game for many gay men. The trousers offer both the chance for quickies and sexy Role plays. At the same time, they leave comparatively little room for fantasy. Anyone flirting with a gay who wears a chap usually knows relatively well what to expect.

At the same time, the chap usually inevitably signals that the wearer is at least on a flirting course. Chaps can of course also be complemented by other accessories, such as a matching leather biker cap or even visible intimate piercings. Here, of course, it is the wearer alone who decides how far he or she wants to go.