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A Cockring is a ring worn around the penis to prolong the erection.


Anyone who is looking for a way to extend the duration of their Erection and doesn't feel like taking tablets and the like, will be comparatively quick with the Cockring confronted.

As the name suggests, this is placed above the Cock, the Penis, worn. Most Cock rings are made of metal, Rubber or plastic. They are usually available in any well-stocked sex shop and are made with the aim of making the Orgasm to delay, worn.

They are easy to put on - provided the right size has been chosen - by slipping them over both the penis and the testicles. Caution. Even if the Cockring should of course fit tightly, it is important that it does not constrict too much. Otherwise, injuries could even be the result. After all, this is not a Toy from the BDSM It is not a "tool", but merely a means to promote stability.

So anyone who experiences pain during prolonged sex with the Cockringshould take it off immediately. At the same time, there is of course no guarantee of success with this toy. Every body is different and reacts differently to pressure.

To be on the safe side, it is helpful to opt for a somewhat larger Cockring to decide. Some can even be individually adjusted to better suit the user. Tail adapt. Correctly fitted, the passive partner feels comparatively little of the ring.