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DWT is the abbreviation for the fetish around women's underwear wearers.


The abbreviation DWT stands for Ladies' underwear straps. In a way, this term is self-explanatory. Those affected like to wear women's lingerie. Here it is irrelevant whether they wear their Fetish in everyday life (and under work clothes, for example) or only on special occasions, such as a sex party.

The attraction with which DWT associate their preferences can be of a versatile nature. Some like the visual aspect, others can get excited about the feeling of confinement. Still others love the feeling of doing something "forbidden" and having a little secret that nobody knows about.

However, it is a classic prejudice that in fact all DWTs are gay are supposed to be. Even if the assumption is obvious: Some men with this fetish are straight and wear the lingerie while having sex with their wife.

Due to the fact that this trend has become so popular within the Scene feminine lingerie for men is now also offered in various sex shops. Whether silk or patent and Leather: here everyone should find one (or more) favourite.

If you want to have sex with a DWT but don't know any gays who live out this passion, you will find what you are looking for on the internet. Within the individual forums there are often separate areas where DWT fans can exchange information and, if they wish, also arrange a date. Often the person who wears the lingerie in everyday life sends his chat partner a pair of worn panties in advance as a foretaste of what might await him.