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A ladies' underwear wearer, or "DWT" for short, is a gay man who likes to wear ladies' underwear.

Ladies' underwear straps

Ladies' underwear wearers can opt for the special FetishThe possibilities of wearing women's underwear are extremely varied. Whether panties, bra, suspenders or all of the above: the possibilities to let your imagination run wild here are extremely versatile.

Many DWT find it stimulating to wear the underwear under their normal clothes in everyday life. Some also use panties and the like exclusively to increase the fun and horniness factor during sex even more.

Due to the great demand, many underwear manufacturers have adapted their range. Fans of this fetish can either wear actual women's underwear or fall back on models that look feminine but are designed for men. Many DWT love, however, to deliberately go for the comparatively small and tight lingerie in order to benefit from an even more extreme feeling.

In the meantime, gays looking for a DWT as a sex partner who shares their passion have also found one in chats. Here they usually talk directly about their preferences. If you want to increase the attraction of the forbidden a little more, you can also send your worn lingerie to your chat partner by post and thus increase the anticipation of a shared sex session. ONS still increase.

Over time, the range of lingerie used for these purposes has greatly increased. No matter whether lacquer, Leather or silk and regardless of whether you "only" want panties or a comprehensive set with suspenders and the like: every lingerie fetishist should get their money's worth here. come.