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Fellatio or "fellare" stands for "suck" and refers to oral sex.

The word fellatio comes from the Latin "fellare" and stands for oral sex - for both women and men. Many gays (and straight men) love this technique. For many, it is simply part of a perfect sex experience.

Of course, there are different ways to perform fellatio. While some gays do it the classic way blowothers prefer the "Deepthroat" technique, in which the Penis is inserted comparatively far into the mouth. Optionally, fellatio can then be performed until the Orgasm be performed. Whether the sperm is swallowed in the end or not depends on the personal taste and individual preferences of both partners.

Since many associate fellatio with something dirty (or at least disreputable), the technique also enjoys great popularity in porn. Of course, O-sex can be wonderfully performed by several people at the same time or as a 69. Position be enjoyed. The possibilities for enjoying the benefits of fellatio are extremely varied here and it is often worth trying out the different techniques.

Within the BDSM Scene With regard to fellatio, the teeth are often used. However, it is important to be careful with regard to possible injuries. Especially the Acorn proves to be extremely sensitive in connection with BDSM techniques.

By the way: although "fellare" can be translated as "suck", as already mentioned, this does not mean that the partner in question actually has to suck exclusively. Rather, he has the option of using his mouth for different types of stimulation - from gentle to hard.