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The Folsom Street Fair is ain part of the Leather Pride Week in San Francisco.

The Folsom Street Fair belongs to Leather Pride Week in San Francisco. At this open air street festival, the Leather- und Fetish Scene in numerous facets. The event owes its name to the fact that the event actually takes place on the Folsom Street takes place.

The Folsom Street Fair can can look back on a long history. It was already celebrated in the 1980s and is considered the biggest leather event ever. The scene takes the opportunity here to draw attention to itself in a creative way. The concept works! The event has long been known beyond the borders of the USA and has become a popular meeting place for many gays. Attendance figures of 400,000 people and more are a long ago no longer a rarity.

The special feature: the income generated at the Folsom Street Fairare donated to a good cause. In the past, the money has been used to support the AIDS charity. Many people who do not belong to the BDSM Scene belong, come here together to dare to think outside the box.

Due to the success of the original Folsom Street Fair BDSM fans elsewhere have now decided to set up similar events. Whether in New York City, Toronto or Berlin, people everywhere seem to have acquired a taste for it.

Even if the mix of costumes, performances and atmosphere may sometimes be a little shocking for more conventional citizens: the costumes and the special attitude to life are always worth a look.