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Hot rubbers are particularly thick, resistant condoms that are supposed to be good for anal sex.

In the case of a so-called hot Rubber it is a special CondomIt is said that it tears much less quickly than classic rubbers. Accordingly, the hot rubber is said to be particularly suitable for use in (more or less) wild anal sex. come.

Who wants to worry here about whether the Rubber actually holds?

Many Aids-The advantages of thicker condoms are pointed out by many helpers and shops. In general, however, it must also be noted that classic rubbers are also generally characterised by a particularly high level of stability.

And: the fact that the hot rubber is more stable and thicker than the typical variant does not mean, of course, that it could not tear under any circumstances. Here, too, attention must be paid to any damage that may be caused, for example, by jewellery or the like. Or in other words: hot rubber is not "invulnerable" either.

The thick condom variant is now offered in many different sizes and, of course, also with "extras", such as nubs or in special flavours. If you want to stock up, you can find them in almost every well-stocked sex shop (and of course on the internet).

By the way, many gays also use the hot rubbers because they hope to Orgasm to be able to postpone it a little longer. In the meantime, however, the corresponding manufacturers are focusing on sensation-proofness - just as they do with classic condoms. Accordingly, it could be that the plan to be able to last longer with the thicker rubber may not work out.