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Looner stands for the English word "baloon" and thus for a very special fetish.

Looners are fetishists, mostly men, who get turned on by being in contact with balloons. come. This "contact" can take place in many different ways. Sometimes it is enough for the affected persons to rub against the balloons, sometimes it actually takes the bursting to make the fetishists - in individual cases - even come to the Orgasm to come. Here, the passion - in the truest sense of the word - discharges with a real "Bang!".

Many looners also try to enjoy the special feeling that the material of the balloons evokes in other areas, for example when wearing clothes. A mix of materials is usually suitable here. Leather and Latexto get horny.

If you want to enjoy your passion as a looner a little more (and perhaps also show it off), you can - especially in big cities - often visit relevant parties or look for suitable toys in the sex shop. The selection is versatile, so that every looner can certainly get his money's worth.

Among other things, it can also be worth trying out the different balloons in different sizes. Depending on Fetish is it possible to evoke such different intense feelings. Or how about a balloon with nubs? Many manufacturers have reacted to the special preferences of their customers and expanded their range. Of course, classic balloons are also suitable for looner fun.

But be careful! Of course, for safety reasons, balloons that are too tight should not be released over the Penis drawn or even as Condom be used!