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TS is used as an abbreviation for "transsexual" and is often found in relevant personals and chats.

TS is one of the better known abbreviations of the LGBTQ Scene and stands for transsexual. Transsexual people were born in the wrong body. Biological women feel like men and vice versa.

Transsexuality is neither a disease nor a "phase" that will "pass sometime". Transsexual people today have the possibility to resort to different kinds of support. It is not "only" a matter of surgically changing one's gender, provided that an appropriate and final decision has been made. Gender reassignment but also to provide psychological support for those affected. Because: the decision for the respective other sex can be a little confusing and challenging (especially in the first time). Those who can rely not only on a stable circle of friends and a tolerant family, but also on the competence of various counselling centres, are clearly at an advantage.

The abbreviation TS is often used in connection with personal ads on the internet. There are many people who are consciously looking for a TS and also many transsexuals who are open about their past history from the start. The sequence of letters leaves no questions unanswered here - both in the request and in the answer to an ad.

In the TS area, an additional distinction is made between Trans man and Trans woman differentiated. A trans man is a man who was born a woman. A trans woman is correspondingly a woman with a male Sex at birth.

The TS scene has grown over time and has become an important part of the LGBTQ scene. One of the reasons for this is that society has become much more tolerant in the meantime. However, there is (unfortunately) still a long way to go until full equality is achieved.