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TT is the abbreviation for the so-called tit trimming... So the penetration of the nipples with the hands or with toys.

Many gays (and also straight men) are into TT. TT is the abbreviation for Tit trim. This refers to the pampering of the nipples. If you let your mind wander a little, you will quickly realise that TT can be enjoyed in very different ways. Sometimes hard, sometimes in the context of classic Flower sex the participants have the opportunity here to let their imagination run free.

Of course, the sex toy market has also reacted in the meantime. More and more manufacturers are offering toys with which not only the Tailbut also the nipple can be stimulated. Toys that work with stimulation current and can be individually adjusted to the personal pain level are particularly popular in this context.

Who just does not Toy has at hand, can of course alternatively (and quite classically) work with the fingers and tongue.

One thing is certain: the opportunities offered in connection with a successful TT should not be underestimated. Many gays come stimulation alone even leads to Orgasm!

By the way, the abbreviation "TT" is used less in face-to-face conversations, but more often in chats. After all, it is a wonderful way to express in an uncomplicated way which practices are preferred.

Despite all the passion, however, it should not be forgotten that the nipples are one of the most erogenous zones of all. Accordingly, the risk of injury is comparatively high. Therefore, if you want to BDSM If you want to let off steam, you should proceed slowly if possible and possibly (especially at the beginning) opt for toys whose intensity can be adjusted again and again and increased if necessary.