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Aaron Königs

"The Mole" - Is the Vice Mr. Gay Germany the Mole?

Aaron Koenigs

"The Mole" - Is the Vice Mr. Gay Germany the Mole? In the search for a new TV programme where the viewer has the chance to guess, many fans of TV entertainment got stuck with "The Mole - Wem kannst du trauen?" last week. Here everything revolves around the "Mole". The principle: a... weiterlesen

Prince Charming - These candidates are particularly memorable

These candidates from "Prince Charming" remain particularly memorable for us 21 April 2020 07:43 Regardless of whether they are with straight or gay people, there is one thing that almost all dating formats have in common: there are always candidates who remain in the viewers' memories. "Prince Charming" is no exception. Here, too, there are - apart from funny and romantic... weiterlesen