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gay wedding

"Amen differently" - how do queer and church fit together?

"Different Amen" - how do gay and church fit together? If you think of a tolerant, open-minded and gay-friendly society, you certainly don't necessarily think of the church at first. That the LGBTQ Scene However, the YouTube channel "Anders Amen" proves that everything is playing an increasingly important role here. Here, everything really does seem to be a little different.... weiterlesen

This is how gay men get married in the age of Corona!

Marriage in times of Corona? - Now more than ever! Certainly, there have been times in the past when getting married or entering into a civil union proved to be less complicated. But does that make it sensible to forego getting married at the moment? Should gays postpone their wedding? And if so, why should they? Isn't it primarily a matter of... weiterlesen