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Christian Polanc and Christina Luft win "Let's Dance" Pro Challenge

Christian Polanc and Christina Luft win "Let's Dance" Pro Challenge

It almost seems as if the "Let's Dance" fans can't get enough of their candidates and dancing stars. Last Friday, one week after the grand finale, the "Let's Dance" Professional Challenge was celebrated. Viewers had the opportunity to vote for their favourites and help them to win. In the end, Christian Polanc and Christina Luft won the race. They took home the victory.

Dancing at a high level and without scoring cones

In the "Let's Dance" professional challenge, the famous scoring ladles remained in the jury's desk. The quality level of the dances was extremely high. The professionals showed in an impressive way approximately what they certainly tried to put together with their celebrity partners in the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, the audience was allowed to dream themselves into a world of Paso Doble and Cha Cha Cha and simply enjoy. At the latest after the first few beats, no one looked to see whether the foot was lifted correctly or the shoulder was lowered. Instead, the dance experts showed what it means to dedicate one's life to this exciting passion.

A look at Christian Polanc and Christina Luft

It was already apparent during the jury evaluation that what Christian Polanc and Christina Luft had achieved must have been great cinema. The three judges Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi could hardly hide their enthusiasm and were already blown away after the first dance. They especially praised the energy and fire of the two, who - as they revealed - had even been "on holiday together".

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Not even Joachim Llambi found a point of criticism. He, too, seemed to be completely enthusiastic.

Polanc and Luft really seemed to be extremely attuned to each other. At the same time, fun did not fall by the wayside. Thus, they impressively managed to make their steps look light and easy, although the pulse certainly climbed to 180.

Another plus point: both are among the most popular dance professionals on "Let's Dance". This may also have ensured that they had many viewers on their side last Friday.

The "Let's Dance" Pro Challenge - what does victory bring?

Admittedly, at first it must also make a pro insanely proud when he manages to prevail against other pros. But there is even more behind the victory in the Profi Challenge! Because: if they take part again next year, the two of them can even choose their dance partners next time!

This honour was bestowed on the first winner of the Profi Challenge Massimo in 2020 - with a particularly convincing result! Because: he won the entire relay with his Lili!

But what was actually going on with his partner? After all, he won the first professional challenge together with Ekat? She was not represented in the professional dancers' squad in 2020. Many "Let's Dance" fans are still puzzling over why they had to do without the popular dancer.

What is certain, however, is that such considerations should not diminish the victory of Christian Polanc and Christina Luft. After all, the two worked hard for it and showed what it means to approach one's job with passion and zeal, without forgetting the fun factor.

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