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Jumping instead of lifting weights - that's why trampolines are so popular.

Jumping on the trampoline instead of lifting weights

The Corona crisis fundamentally changed people's lives. Many were torn from their everyday lives from one moment to the next and were forced to take up new hobbies, among other things.

Some sports fans who want to steel their bodies for the summer now visit the numerous trampoline parks in Germany. But why has trampolining become so popular? Is it really possible to lose pounds with "a little bouncing"?

One thing is certain: If you don't feel like lifting weights and running on the treadmill, this is the place for you. Especially in big cities, there are now many providers who combine trampolining with Ninja Sport. Due to the large selection, everyone should be able to find a park that suits them.

Trampolining is easy on the joints

People who suffer from unstable, painful joints often cannot do classic sports such as jogging. A few years ago, swimming or cycling were often the only sports advised in this context.

However, trampolines are also an alternative for all those who want to exercise and at the same time protect their joints and co. Depending on the tension, the trampolines yield more or less and accordingly give more or less momentum.

Jumping can improve fitness

After just a few minutes of jumping - usually at a moderate pace - the pulse increases. Now it's time to stay on the ball! Because the more and the more persistent the training, the higher the chances that your fitness will improve in the long run.

Of course, it is equally important not to push yourself too hard and beyond your limits and to drink enough fluids during exercise.

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Trampolining exercises almost every muscle

The road to a sexy beach body can be rocky. All the better if you choose a sport that can train almost the entire body - including the deep muscles. After all, this offers the chance to enjoy a high degree of variety and save time at the same time.

It is a classic prejudice that only the legs are challenged when trampolining. In fact, it is the torso's job to keep the balance, while arms and co. also provide the necessary balance.

How extensively you can or have trained on the basis of trampolining usually becomes apparent the next day at the latest, when the sore muscles set in.

If in doubt, consult your doctor!

There are many ways to optimise your fitness skills on the trampoline. However, this serious sport should never be compared to the childish bouncing around that many know from the neighbour's garden.

Especially if the goal is to challenge your body, build muscle and improve endurance, it is important to stay on the ball and ideally include one or two training sessions per week.

As with other sports, however, trampolining should ALWAYS be discussed with a doctor if in doubt (for example, in connection with pre-existing conditions, injuries, etc.). He or she may be able to give further tips and point out things to pay attention to during training.

The basic rule that training should be stopped or paused immediately in case of pain or other signs of overstraining is particularly important.

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