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CSD opening gala in Stuttgart, among others with Désirée Nick

Désirée Nick opened the programme of the CSD in Stuttgart 

As with other major events, the organisers had to change their plans for this year's CSD in Stuttgart. The message and the fight for tolerance and equal rights should nevertheless be carried into the world.

The opening of the CSD 2020 in Stuttgart took place open air and in the Römerkastell. The mood was - despite the restrictions by Corona - exuberant and diverse.

Among the familiar faces on stage was the "nation's sharpest tongue", Désirée Nick. For a long time now, she has repeatedly emphasised her closeness to the LGBTQ Scene and visibly enjoyed leading the seated audience through the evening.

Also in Stuttgart: a mix of seriousness and fun

Anyone who has attended a classic CSD knows that it is part of the special art of the corresponding events to combine seriousness and joie de vivre. Exactly this goal was also achieved in Stuttgart.

In this context, Désirée Nick repeatedly emphasised how important it was to live diversity in numerous facets and found words of admiration for the scene and its members.

As in Munich, the CSD programme in Stuttgart was perhaps a little more political than in previous years.

The corresponding messages were usually packaged artistically, for example in poems and dances, and fell on open ears (and eyes).

Are CSDs still in keeping with the times? - Oh yes!

During the event, the question was also asked once or twice - often indirectly - whether an event like the CSD is even necessary nowadays.

The first Prince Charming (Nicolas Puschmann) is single again

With regard to the fact that in many places there is still a long way to go in terms of equality and tolerance, the answer should be clear. Even if flashy costumes and sometimes very direct speeches certainly don't really shock anyone anymore, the message remains clear: the LGBTQ scene wants to be recognised - on all levels.

During the speeches at the CSD in Stuttgart, reference was made, among other things, to current problems, such as the regulations on blood donation and the challenges of rainbow families.

Unfortunately, these and many other messages could only be heard by a small audience on site in 2020. Those who did not live was able to watch the spectacle and the highlights online.

And this is probably the best proof that gays and queers at the CSD are NOT only about the exuberant celebrations and parades, but about more. The CSD in Stuttgart has adapted to the Corona crisis without losing even a shred of its message. In addition, the organisers managed to create a real highlight with Désirée Nick and many other faces of the scene.

A lovingly designed programme, varied presentations and the broadcast via the internet once again ensured with the CSD in Stuttgart that the attention of the spectators was drawn to a special topic. In short: everyone should have found their favourite here.

Until next year, when the classic CSDs can hopefully be celebrated again in the usual way, the virtual variant is a great alternative that can ensure that even in times of Corona the Pride Messages do not get lost.

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