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Second Corona wave - yes or no? Was there too much celebrating?

Is a second Corona wave coming soon

Looking back at the Corona Wave March and April might also be difficult for many queers. Contact restrictions and the like meant that many dates literally had to fall through.

Many scientists, including experts from the RKI, are of the opinion that Germany coped better with the first Corona wave than other countries because of early intervention. The wearing of mouth-to-nose coverings, the (more or less) strict lockdown and quarantine measures may indeed have ensured that conditions like those in Italy or Spain did not occur in this country.

For a few days now, the numbers have been rising again. A legitimate question: "Why?" Have people become "Corona weary"? Are they underestimating the situation?

Among other things, the holiday season could also play an important role in the increase in numbers. After all, travelling is largely permitted again.

Are the travellers bringing the virus back into the country?

Many people were sceptical about the holiday season. Pictures from Ballermann and other destinations also showed that tourists no longer seemed to attach much importance to wearing masks and keeping their distance.

Accordingly, the increase in new infections in Germany could actually be due to the holiday season. Above all, the role of the spread in the aeroplane should be examined more closely here in the coming months.

No more desire for a Corona wave - what role does the desire for normality play?

Just under five months is a long time. Many people have already got used to wearing a mask when shopping or going to the hairdresser. Others still find it difficult. They often - by their own admission - don't feel like Corona anymore, think that the government was wrong, that "everything is not so bad" and that normal life must return.

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Accordingly, they also often refrain from wearing the mask and can identify less and less with the distance rules. But is this exactly the reason why the numbers are rising again? Haven't there always been people who have not adhered to the rules of the RKI, including even going to demonstrations with quite a few participants?

Is a second Corona wave coming soon 1

Is the increased test volume a reason why the numbers are shooting up?

In the course of various press conferences, it was repeatedly emphasised that one goal was to increase testing capacities. Accordingly, more tests could also be responsible for the fact that the number of new infections is rising. After all, it is easier nowadays to get tested on one's own suspicion than it was a few months ago.

The solution? Wait and see

It may sound a little disillusioning, but: at this point in time, no one can say with absolute certainty whether the increased numbers of the last few days are actually the start of a new Corona wave in Germany.

Time and again, there have been and still are outliers in connection with which an upward swing has been or is being recorded. In the case of the outbreak at the meat giant Tönnies, a reason for the higher case numbers could be found. In the current case, the search for a reason seems to be much more difficult.

However, it would certainly be wrong to panic now or to remain too calm. The complete situation - as has always been the case in connection with pandemics and similar events - can only be assessed in retrospect anyway.


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