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"Help! My friend is gambling!" - Advantages and suggested solutions

Help! My friend is only gambling!

Many gays know the problem: they have planned a romantic evening with their sweetheart, while he wants to "just gamble". As long as the relationship does not suffer from the incessant traversal of levels, this is not really a problem.

In some cases, however, gambling takes on unhealthy proportions in many respects. At the latest when the partner feels set back, it is time to talk.

At the same time, however, it is also true that a passionate gambling boyfriend can certainly offer many advantages. Those who recognise these can even benefit and help the relationship to shine again.

Advantage No. 1: The boyfriend stays at home

A dream for all jealous gays! Since people mostly gamble at home on the console, no one here really has to worry about a fling in their free time being a real danger.

Advantage No. 2: Gamblers are considered attentive

It may sound a little adventurous - especially with the image of a gamer tied to the screen - but: gamers are actually considered to be attentive contemporaries. No wonder! After all, they often have to concentrate on every detail while playing. Accordingly, if you are with a gamer, you can (actually) be sure that he or she will quickly recognise and ideally appreciate changes, such as a new hairstyle or the like.

Advantage No. 3: Gamers have patience... mostly

Sometimes it takes a gamer days to solve a tricky part in a video game. Accordingly, he is used to trying out different variations until he reaches his goal. This is a virtue, as is sometimes transferred to everyday life. However, this does not mean that the average gambler is emotionless. Contrary to many prejudices, however, many gamblers do manage to keep their emotions under control.

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Advantage No. 4: Gamblers offer an interesting view beyond the horizon

For many video game fans, it is not enough to just play their games at home. Those who want to pursue their hobby in a special way can also visit relevant trade fairs and the like. At the latest now, at least a little spark often jumps over to the partner. It is often difficult to resist the special flair of cosplayers, real acts and the like. And who knows? Maybe the next fair or event will be the start of an exciting shared hobby?

Important: talk and look for common solutions

If the above-mentioned advantages are not enough or do not show up in everyday life in the relationship, it is important to talk to your partner. As long as the gamer's passion for video games has not yet turned into an addiction, this is usually possible without any problems.

Anyone who feels set back should openly address this with their partner. Perhaps the gambler is actually not aware of how much space the journey through the different levels takes up in the daily routine?

This is where it can help to compromise. How about alternating between couples and gambling evenings? If both agree, however, it is important to give each other their space. Gambling on the mobile phone is then just as forbidden on couples' night as nagging for hours about the hobby of the video game lover.

Couples who manage to accept each other's preferences and perhaps even dare to think outside the box have a clear advantage here. Tolerance can show itself on many levels.

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