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The swingers club as a new chance for love?

The swingers club as a last chance for love

Some gays know the swinger club problem: as soon as everyday life creeps into the relationship, it becomes increasingly difficult to discover each other anew. Where once the morning quickie was a special highlight, now there are cornflakes on the table that are eaten - usually wordlessly next to each other.

Such scenarios do not have to mean the end of the relationship, but - if they continue over a longer period of time - should be taken as a warning sign.

Getting to know the other person better and better over the years and being able to assess them means, to a certain extent, feeling secure. But if you become TOO secure, you risk letting your feelings fall by the wayside.

In search of a little variety, some gays decide to visit a swingers club. But how promising is such an excursion? Can a visit to such a sex party bring more momentum back into the relationship (and into bed)?

What does a typical visit to a swingers club actually look like?

The motto "Everything can, nothing must!" seems to have been created for the classic swingers club. Because: from "just watching" to "gang bang", just about anything is indeed allowed here.

The corresponding parties are offered - especially in big cities - for both straights and gays. Accordingly, everyone should find their favourite here (at least with regard to the basic dates).

Especially high-class, modern clubs do not only focus on sexual intercourse in their concept. On the contrary! Many sex parties offer a colourful mix of music, food and even sometimes deep conversations. However, the later the evening gets, the clearer it becomes that it is essentially about sex.

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Many facilities offer different rooms with different furnishing options for this purpose. From BDSM to the typical bed or the "playground", just about everything is represented here.

When can a visit to a swingers club save the relationship?

First of all: visiting a swingers club together does not have to mean that the partners in question also have to sleep with others! Many couples simply love to have sex while being watched by strangers.

Those who pursue this goal and are accordingly enthusiastic about voyeurism or would like to be inspired by other gays with regard to positions and co. should definitely get their money's worth in the swinger club. come.

Sometimes, however, both partners have the desire to sleep with others. Provided that they have communicated openly and honestly, a joint visit to a swingers club can actually be an enrichment. After all, there is no psychological cheating here, where, for example, one person is deceived or lied to.

But be careful! Even if a couple considers itself comparatively tolerant and open, it can still mean a big difference if one actually watches the other have sex with a stranger!

When should you refrain from visiting a swingers club?

Quite simply, anyone who has even the slightest doubt about this and fears that they might become jealous if their sweetheart flirts with others should definitely decide against visiting the swingers club or postpone it.

Nothing is more hurtful than having to find out at the last minute that dealing with group sex and co. is not as easy as first assumed. A visit to a swingers club should therefore never be seen as a solution to guaranteed success. Only if all the basic prerequisites are right, chances are good that the sex life within one's own partnership can be raised to a new level.

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