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Royal fans take note! "The Crown" interprets Diana and Charles' wedding.

Royal fans watch out! "The Crown" enters its 4th season

If you've always wanted an insight into the world of the English royals, the series "The Crown"will certainly get their money's worth. While the first season was still all about Queen Elizabeth II, the series has now reached the next generation.

From the 15 November 2020 the fourth season starts on Netflix. For a long time, many viewers have wondered who would be Lady Di would play, and how the series could manage to be the "Queen of hearts" to do justice at all. Now a very special picture has surfaced. It shows newcomer actress Emma Corrin as Lady Diana in a wedding dress.

Royal fans will have noticed that the dress resembles the original, but not 100 per cent. According to the makers of the series, the aim was not to create an exact copy. One thing is certain: the photo, which was recently published on social networks, is the subject of discussion among viewers.

What topics are dealt with in "The Crown"?

The Netflix series "The Crown" starts in the 1940s and is set at about the time when today's Queen Elizabeth II. prepared to become Queen of England. The first three seasons have already shown that "The Crown" hits right at the heart of Royal fans. This is clearly not about washing dirty linen, underlining the headlines of the colourful tabloids or spreading rumours. Instead, a largely neutral view of events impresses.

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Since with "The Crown" will proceed in chronologically correct order, the fourth season will revolve around a very special person: Lady Di. How did she learn Prince Charles know? What challenges did she face at court? And how did she experience the wedding?

Even though there are already many documentaries and several films on the subject, it is clear that expectations are extremely high here - especially due to the groundbreaking success of the first three seasons.

The images recently released by the makers of the series give reason to believe that it will be Emma Corrin creates, the role of the Lady Di with a particularly authentic flair. It looks like the "Queen of hearts", but also manages to create an almost perfect illusion through her facial expressions.

Royal fans watch out! "The Crown" enters its 4th season

Lady Di's wedding dress as a special topic of conversation

A picture showing the actress in a wedding dress is currently circulating on social media. This was designed by the costume designer Amy Roberts designed. She had set herself the goal of conjuring up a special atmosphere with the help of a version of this famous garment. However, an exact copy was not intended.

As is often the case, fans' opinions differ. Some welcome the decision, others would have found it nicer if Emma Corrin as Lady Di actually "same" dress would have worn.

One thing is certain: The curiosity of the "The Crown" fans may have reached a completely new level with the release of the latest pictures. The post has already been shared, liked and commented on countless times.

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Incidentally, this is not the first time that garments from "The Crown" make headlines. The series has already won several awards for its costumes. The wedding dress from Lady Di should, however, be a very special highlight.

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