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GayRoyal - Experiences and alternatives

20 April 2020 20:43

GayRoyal is one of those platforms that have changed again and again over the years. Not least also due to the fact that the site is run by PlanetRomeo has undergone a fundamental makeover, it could be that GayRoyal will enjoy a little more growth in the future. Because: not all gays are happy with the new circumstances. GayRomeo satisfied.

If you are looking for alternatives, you will quickly come across GayRoyal. But what can users expect here? And are there perhaps even other providers who distinguish themselves through a high standard of quality and corresponding user comfort.

A look at chat, flirting and dating sites shows again and again that the choice here is particularly versatile. With the aim of finding a suitable provider, many gays are confronted with numerous possibilities.

In the following, we will show which factors distinguish GayRoyal and who might feel particularly comfortable here. If users are not comfortable with either GayRoyal or GayRomeo, sites such as be a suitable place to go.

Basically: what should you look for when searching for a "perfect dating site"?

Even if it may sound a little unromantic at first glance: anyone looking for love, sex or an adventure on the Internet should always pay attention to the seriousness of the corresponding sites.

Once this is ensured, it is important to deal with further details, such as:

  • the compilation of the other users
  • the user comfort
  • the general offer
  • any pricing models

To deal with it. It quickly becomes clear that it is difficult to speak of a "best site" here. Rather, it is important that sites like GayRoyal, and fit one's own taste and personal expectations.

Gayromeo takes old platform off the net

It often helps to simply try out the offers and then decide.

GayRoyal and its reputation - what is behind the image?

GayRoyal is definitely one of the better known sites of the Scene. Surely every gay person has already heard of the corresponding offer. Particularly characteristic: the site was and is considered by many to be somewhat "grungier" than many of the sites of the competition.

It is often placed in direct relation to GayRomeo and scores accordingly here. However, it should not be forgotten that "grungy" does not necessarily mean "bad". However, the target group is definitely different.

Some users wrote (in the context of various experience reports on the Internet) about problems with regard to the user comfort offered.
Here again, however, the satisfaction factor depends to a large extent on the individual attitude. For example, those who have no problem with a comparatively simple menu navigation and prefer fast adventures should still get their money's worth with GayRoyal. come.

Especially in view of the fact that some users have complained in recent weeks that "their" Gayromeo has been changed for the worse, things are likely to change here soon.

Who uses GayRoyal? Is there a specific target group?

Perhaps also due to the fact that GayRoyal is an absolute classic of the gay scene, older users often (but not only) hang around here - especially in comparison to other sites.

Basically, there were not really many changes here with regard to the user comfort offered. The menu navigation is simple, but does not offer any major surprises or effects.

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Those who appreciate this mix should feel at home on GayRoyal. But what about the rest?

What about gays who are not comfortable with GayRomeo's new pages and features and are now looking for a new provider?

As already mentioned, the possibilities are very versatile. The "only" thing left to do is not to compromise on the quality of the pages. If GayRoyal is too fetish or too special, can take a look at and, among others. Both sites offer a colourful mix of chat, flirting and other extras and are usually popular with gays from almost all age groups. and - with focus on chat and transparency

Many gays are annoyed by a lack of transparency when chatting. Particularly annoying: the virtual "counterpart" has decided against uploading a profile picture or sends a "Dick-Pic". Depending on the individual chat reason, these approaches are rarely well received.

Sites like and start exactly at this point. Here, many users chat with a picture. At the same time, the focus is often on an exchange on different levels. The users' expectations are correspondingly high.

It is probably this positive reputation that now ensures that these pages - after the changeover from GayRomeo and the design or content of GayRoyal - enjoy such great popularity. Gay chats have long since ceased to be without alternative. Users have the opportunity - depending on the site, even free of charge in the first step - to get a personal impression of the behaviour of the users. This usually quickly reveals the extent to which the site in question could be created to support one's own flirting ambitions.

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Topics that are too shallow or a tendency to send nude pictures are quickly uncovered here. Gays who are seriously looking for a steady partner are likely to be put off here. Also gays who have just started their Coming Out If necessary, they look for a chat partner with whom they can both talk and share their experiences. flirt can. This is exactly where sites like come into play.

GayRomeo, GayRoyal or others? Your own experiences as a basis for the right decision

Everyday chat in the gay scene shows that it is essential to gather one's own experiences in the search for the "perfect side".

Reports and testimonials from the internet can help you to get a first impression of the programme:

  • the users of a page
  • the user comfort
  • the menu navigation
  • the focus of a chat

to make. Nevertheless, one should never judge too hastily. After all, who is to say that a user might not find the "love of his life" in a variant that is discredited as a "grubby chat"?

Therefore, it is important to test out and at the same time always inform yourself about the suitable alternatives to GayRoyal and Co. If you keep an open mind and use your options, you will quickly realise that chatting before a first date is at least as important as the right words at the right time.

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