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5 reasons why it makes sense to support local gastronomy during the Corona crisis

5 tips to support the local gastronomy

There is no question about it: apart from the artist industry, it is above all the catering industry that is confronted with special challenges during the Corona crisis. The fact that it is now exclusively permitted to deliver or offer food "to go" during Lockdown Light makes it difficult for many responsible persons to look optimistically towards the end of the year.

This makes it all the more important to support local heroes. When in the past was it possible to do something good by ordering pizza and the like?

This is exactly the opportunity that every fan of culinary delicacies (if they can afford it) should now seize. Those who don't feel like cooking for themselves don't have to feel lazy. On the contrary! They support the economy and perhaps even secure livelihoods.

These 5 reasons highlight why it's so important to take action right now, try new restaurants and help restaurateurs get through this tough winter.

Reason No. 1: Gastronomy is culture

The kebab around the corner, the pizza from the Italian restaurant... Unfortunately, many people give comparatively little thought to how much history their food contains. Yet it is so much fun to look into the background of the corresponding delicacies.

Especially when the delicacies are made by the respective countrymen (or women), interesting conversations often arise on precisely these topics. Therefore, perhaps next time you come to pick up food, show interest in the way it is made and in the composition of the dishes. It is worth it! - and promotes communication at the same time.

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Reason No. 2: Ordering in different restaurants can broaden your horizons

Many people know the scenario: they order from the same delivery service over and over again. But why is that? If you decide to give restaurants other than your own classics a chance, you can broaden your culinary horizons quite incidentally.

The idea: everyone suggests a different restaurant every week. This way, new favourites are usually found quickly.

Reason No. 3: Ordered meals often bring the family closer together

Some families love to cook together. In other families, it turns out that one person is in the kitchen while the rest are bored. The suitable alternative: order first and then unpack a board game.

There is no need to cook or do much washing up. Couples are best off using the freshly gained time to have an extra cuddle session.

Reason No. 4: Exercise and food? A perfect combination

Who doesn't know it? The famous digestive walk? In principle, of course, this can also be done BEFORE eating - as a classic exercise session.

Here it's usually helpful to trick yourself a little by ordering the food but not using the delivery service. Instead, get off the couch and pick up the food yourself!

Most restaurants use modern packaging anyway, through which not much heat can escape. This ensures that no one has to rush on the way home.

Reason No. 5: Ordering food is quality of life

Admittedly: Ordering food is more expensive than buying all the ingredients in the supermarket and then taking action. However, it is also clear that for many people, ordering food is an increase in the quality of life.

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Those who order can concentrate on anything they like. He can read, cuddle with a partner or watch TV. Therefore, ordering treats - depending on the individual character - can also be incredibly fun.

Afraid of spending too much money? With the intention of saving a little money despite ordering, it is often worth freezing the leftovers from the evening or storing them in the fridge to enjoy the next day.

5 tips to support the local gastronomy

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