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Prince Charming - the air is getting thinner

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 8 of Prince Charming

A new week, a new episode Prince Charming. The field of participants has been thinned out considerably in recent weeks. In the meantime, only Gino, Jacob, Lauritz and Vincent around the heart of the Princes fight. Accordingly, it is understandable why now even the last of the men should have realised that this is not "only", but that from now on - on the so often quoted "last meters" - actually becomes serious.

The eighth episode not only offers viewers an exciting game, but also once again a little insight into the world of the Fetish.

As always, this column relates to the Prince Charming episode, which did not take place until 14 December 2020 at Free TV at VOX will be seen. For those who do not want to be spoiled, listen to NOW on to read!

Feel, smell, smooch - Prince Charming is looking for his prince charming

Prince Charming not only offers a mix of hot dates and deep feelings, but also lots of erotic fun. Episode 8 is no exception in this context. Quite the opposite! Here, once again, everything is unpacked that is fun, erotic and could help to get closer to the other person.

At the start of the episode, the Prince his four men in their villa. With a very special game up his sleeve, he wants to find out who - at different levels - is the best match for him or her. In round 1, the aim is to guess the matching candidate by feeling the hands. After that, the candidate in question is to be sniffed.

Attention! Spoilers! - Conclusion to episode 6 of Prince Charming

Round 3 of the game offered a very special highlight. Because: for the finale, people were allowed to make out. Lauritz obviously managed to leave a lasting impression here. His "Price": a single date with Alex.

A single date like something out of a storybook

No question: the single date between Lauritz and Alex had quite "Dream Date Potential". The location? A cosy bay! So it didn't take long for the two of them to get a little closer again and also touch on one or two erotic topics. As in the previous episodes As usual, it was a matter of Lauritz and Alex once again around the topic of "Fetish".

The "Tie Aspirant" would like to be absolutely sure that his individual preferences are really received by his provider and do not scare him away. However, one thing is already certain here: so often Lauritz Alex of his sexual interests, the latter should not be allowed to complain afterwards that he had concealed something from him.

On their date in the bay, however, they not only talked, but of course also made out and fondled. Every now and then, the two seemed like two teenagers in love who have forgotten the world around them.

Mixed and thoughtful feelings among the rest of the troupe

So in love and cooing Lauritz and Alex with each other, so thoughtful are those left behind in the villa. After all, they now have enough time to deal with questions around the upcoming Final to deal with.

Candidate Gino seems to be a little more concerned here than the rest, while Vincent wonders whether he will be able to follow the Princes is also emotionally close enough to be a "Ticket" for Final to be able to draw.

Prince Charming - These candidates are particularly memorable

But all brooding does not help. In the Happy Hour it's hard for everyone to celebrate as exuberantly as they did during the first parties. Especially fair: each of the four has another chance to celebrate with Alex to speak. Alone.

Nevertheless, the farewell is particularly tearful. After all, for two men an exciting journey and the hope for the Great Love is coming to an end.

The eighth episode was definitely the most emotional episode of the second Prince Charming Season. At least until now. The big Final is yet to come.


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