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Biological age - what is actually behind it?

How to influence the biological age

There is more truth behind the oft-quoted phrase "age is just a number!" than it might seem at first glance. Above all, the so-called "biological age" can help to provide information about a person's lifestyle, health and general well-being.

In simple terms, this is the age that differs from the actual age and shows whether the person in question is healthy, active and lives mindfully accordingly.

It is therefore quite possible that a person - from a biological point of view - is younger than the identity card says.

But what factors does biological age actually depend on? And how can it be positively influenced?

Biological age - what factors play a role?

Anyone who wants to have their biological age calculated is confronted with many questions from the most diverse areas. Especially often, the corresponding tests refer to:

  • the diet
  • the general living habits
  • the marital status
  • the daily stress level
  • the age and gender
  • The number and intensity of weekly activities.

On the basis of the corresponding answers, a kind of "profile" is created, on the basis of which a classification can be made.

As can be seen from the list, most factors can be influenced. This means that just about every healthy person - at least in theory - is capable of improving their biological age.

The role of the famous genes

No question: even people who live a healthy life, eat a varied diet and exercise a lot age.

Some faster, some slower. Unfortunately, there are quite natural limits to developments in this context and with regard to what is fundamentally possible: genes. Their effects are unfortunately difficult to map in biological age, but should not be underestimated in principle.

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A youthful appearance, a healthy metabolism and many other relevant factors can accordingly also be inherited.

What can reduce or increase biological age?

If you want to lower your biological age, the first step is to look at your lifestyle habits. Especially smoking, regular consumption of alcohol, restless nights and visits to the solarium can have a negative influence on the biological age.

An active lifestyle, on the other hand, can help to go in the other direction again. Above all, the positive effects of sport are considered a true biological fountain of youth. But be careful! The motto "A lot helps a lot!" should not be applied in this context either. As always, it is important to keep things in moderation, also with regard to sports workouts, and thus prevent overload.

The role of family and friends

Stress and dissatisfaction often cannot be attributed to individual factors, but are usually the result of a whole sum of "life building blocks".

This makes it all the more important to be able to rely on a stable environment as a counterbalance. Ideally, this is found in a loving family and a reliable circle of friends. In this way, many stress factors can be eliminated or at least reduced.

Or in other words: those who can rely on a loving partner after a stressful day at work often age less quickly - at least in biological terms.

What are the advantages of a rather low biological age?

The advantages of a rather low biological age show up on many different levels. Those who are biologically younger can usually enjoy a higher quality of life. Due to the increased inner satisfaction, those affected often actually look younger as well.

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The factor of general physical health should also not be neglected in this context. After all, low alcohol consumption, exercise and joie de vivre also have a positive effect on the immune system and the body's own stress balance "quite incidentally".


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