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No fridge should be without these non-alcoholic drinks

6 Delicious and non-alcoholic drinks for the home

It is no secret that humans need at least two litres of water a day. Liquid should ingest.

In this day and age, there is a wide range of refreshing Drinks. Many of them, however, are not suitable for Fluid requirements in a healthy way. Too much Sugar and others Ingredients, which the Body - at least to the extent that they are contained - can quickly lead to unpleasant "Side effects", such as a Weight gain and/ or Caries provide.

On refreshing Drinks with Taste nevertheless does not have to be dispensed with. The following Liquids are not only delicious, but can help to reduce the daily Hydration a little more varied.

Whoever - depending on the Type of drink - does not consume too much and enjoys it in moderation, quickly realises that it is not only fun to explore the world of the Eatbut also those of the Drinks to discover.

Water - the absolute classic drink

Water - the absolute classic

One of the healthiest Drinks was, is and probably always will be the Water stay. This classic has meanwhile developed into a real cult.

Most areas also have drinkable Tap water. With a Drinking water bubbler can additionally Carbon dioxide be added.

No desire for the classic Water taste? No problem! Simple means, such as Fruit or Mintgive the water a refreshing thirst-quenching effect. Taste.

Also in supermarkets Water with different Flavours offered. But beware! Here lurk from time to time real Sugar traps! It therefore makes sense to take a look at the corresponding Ingredients to throw.

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Homemade iced tea in different variations

Homemade iced tea in different variations

A delicious Ice tea in summer tastes not only particularly good, but also quenches the Thirst. The popular Drink can be easily and with little (!) or no Sugar also be made at home.

Whether this means relying on classics such as Peach- or Lemon iced teaor a creation of one's own, depends on the personal Taste dependent. For the preparation of a Peach iced teas it needs Black tea, Water and Peaches. Optionally, the mixture can be mixed with some Sugar be supplemented.

From Water, Black tea, Orange, Lemon, Lime and Honey creates a sugar-free and yet sweetly refreshing Lemon iced tea. Served with Ice cubes, it becomes a tasty Thirst quencher.

Not only delicious in summer: various juice spritzers

Not only delicious in summer: various juice spritzers

In a ratio of 1 : 3 (one part Juice and three parts Water) can be selected from any Juice a tingling Spritzer become.

For the preparation it is best to use Direct juices are set. This way, the end product is neither too intense nor too plain. Fruit nectar is less suitable, as it has little Fruit and more for it Sugar contains.

Pureed fruit and water - super delicious!
Pureed fruit and water - super tasty drinks !

At Water and pureed Fruits it is a fabulous combination. The hit in summer: a Watermelon (please remove the seeds first!) puree and then with Sparkling water fill up.

Afterwards for Two to three hours in the Refrigerator and decorate according to taste with Ice cubes complete.

Also very popular is the Melons water mixture into a mould and then place in the freezer, you get delicious and refreshing Ice cream for the warm summer days.

Cold Brew Coffee - a cool coffee refreshment
Cold Brew Coffee - a cool coffee refreshment Beverages

The perfect alternative to the hot Coffee and especially "fancy". On the hot days of summer, many find it unpleasant to have a hot Coffee to drink.

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At Cold Brew Coffee it is a wonderful alternative! It usually does not contain as much acid as normal Coffeewhich is above all the sober Stomach often accepts with thanks.

What's more, it can be used as a Breakfast and/or in between. Sometimes, memories of the last holiday are likely to put a little smile on your face.

Soft drinks - please enjoy in moderation!
Soft drinks - please enjoy in moderation!

For many people it is not possible without them: the Soft drinks. To a certain extent and with a lot of self-control, even Soft drinks with a place in the Refrigerator be considered.

But with the many healthy alternatives, it shouldn't be hard to stick to sugary treats just once in a while. Drinks at Refrigerator to become weak. When the craving is great, they taste all the better. And who knows? Maybe the respective Soft drink then already become too sweet for one or the other former fan anyway?!

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