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Joe Biden stands up for gay and transgender rights

Joe Biden already stands up for LGBTQ rights

Already a few hours after Joe Biden had taken his oath of office, it became clear: the 46. president the USA Among other things, it campaigns for the rights of LGBTQ Scene one. Among other things, he signed a Decreewhich prohibits discrimination against minorities.

Particularly interesting: its predecessor Trump created precisely this protection during its Tenure off! The course for a new Age of government should thus be set. The direction is clear.

New laws under Biden? Many people have high hopes for the 78-year old

So far, the new President the high expectations associated with him and his Tenure to fulfil their obligations. In this way, he not only enforced that people - inter alia on the basis of their gender and sexual orientation - not disadvantaged but also overruled further decisions of his Predecessor on.

As a result, the following should now also be People from Countries, the Trump still with a Entry ban had occupied, were allowed to enter. And: the USA should now again Member of the Climate agreement and the WHO become.

For many LGBTQs, the day of the Inauguration of Biden accordingly a kind of "Holiday". At least felt ".from now on" many People With more Right Considered and less discriminates when it was still under Trump was the case.

And this is supposed to be just the beginning. According to Biden's government spokesperson Further far-reaching measures are Decisions of this kind follow.

However, it would still be a little too early to rejoice to the full extent. For: Biden's resolutions still have to find the Congress pass and here approved become. And: also in America takes overcoming bureaucratic hurdles naturally take time.

Nicolas Puschmann speaks out for the first time after love affair

Reason to believe, however, that now also within the American LGBTQ scene will return to a little more calm, there is nevertheless.

Joe Biden already stands up for LGBTQ rights

Music and show around the inauguration of Joe Biden

That Donald Trump, which is the official Celebrationsunlike, for example Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George W. Bush (and their wives)The first time that he stayed away from the Inauguration from Biden far more Prominence came, should have Ex-Presidents have also angered.

Among others sang Lady Gaga the National anthem. Also Jennifer Lopez did not miss the opportunity to present the new "most powerful man in the world" to serenade them.

After the transfer of the Inauguration went the Celebrations but even further. Among other things, within the framework of the Show "Celebrating America" also Tom Hanks and Demi Lovato the honour. The squad of Stars was accordingly colourfully mixed and thus corresponded - albeit in a figurative sense - to the people who were now - thanks to Biden - in the future less under Discrimination are likely to suffer.

Many stars are amused by Trump - Bette Midler in particular makes the internet laugh

Those who work on the Inauguration Day less desire for Speeches and Swearing-in ceremonies had, but instead wanted to look back with a laughing eye, actually only the Social networks visit

Here, among other things Bette Midler, a real Internet hit to land by "Hello Dolly" without further ado into a "Good-bye, Donnie!". The message behind the approx. 1.5 minute long Clip: Trump goes back there "where you belong", is taken away and ends up in the Prison. At the same time, he still stiffly declares that the Elections be manipulates been.

These gay celebrities enchant the TV landscape

Despite the fact that it is clearly recognisable that the Video clip to the result of intersections, among others, from Trump's Face and the bodies of Prisoners, the video received within a lot of likes in a short time.

Bette Midler has been supporting the LGBTQ scene for many years. Therefore, it can be assumed that they are also particularly happy about the fresh wind in the air. White House should be pleased.


Have you heard? Also the forced outing of Sam Dylan inspires the scene.

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