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Bisexuality and prejudice - the problem with old wives' tales

Bisexuals still encounter many prejudices

Not only homosexual, but also bisexual people are repeatedly confronted with prejudices in everyday life. These sometimes even strike them within the LGBTQ community.

But which rumours about bisexuals are actually particularly widespread? How does society imagine the "classic bi"? And why are some prejudices simply ridiculous?

The following list shows that unfortunately many people still equate bisexuality with "he/she just doesn't know what he/she wants yet! Too bad.

Prejudice No. 1: Bisexuals are not faithful - they have too many options!

This is a prejudice that many gay men also encounter. It is said that bi men find it very difficult to be faithful. The reason for this is that they simply have too many "males" and "females" to choose from.

What is always forgotten: yes, there is love and monogamy among bisexual people too. Just because you can fall in love with men and women doesn't mean that Sodom and Gomorrah automatically have to happen. But: casual relationships, one-night stands and co. naturally also exist in the bi-Scene.

Prejudice No. 2: Bisexuals are indecisive

Some people explain the fact that bisexuals can love both men and women by saying that they would simply find it difficult to choose. This is, of course, just as much a prejudice as the assumption that gay men simply haven't met the right woman yet.

Prejudice No. 3: Everything is just a phase!

No one denies that bisexuality can indeed be a phase. After all, teenagers in particular know the feeling of having to find themselves and the need to try things out. Sexual experiences with their own sex are often part of this. However, it would be wrong to speak of bisexuality per se as a "phase". Instead, many people realise that they can be enthusiastic about both sexes and love not having to decide.

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Prejudice No. 4: All bisexuals are into threesomes

Why? Just because a person likes both sexes, does he also want to have sex with both at the same time? Sure: a Threesome can be exciting. However, this is not a phenomenon that occurs exclusively among Bisexual could be found. For many straight people, too, the Threesome the "non-plus-ultra" of sexual fantasies.

Prejudice No. 5: Bisexuals want to be the centre of attention

When two women make out at a party, they are often the centre of attention. Especially when both are actually in a heterosexual relationship and the partners stand by with a grin on their face.

The same goes for men snogging. They also still attract attention in the pedestrian zone - even though the image of two people making love - regardless of gender - should no longer "shock" anyone, especially in the 21st century.

However, as soon as man and man and woman and woman make out, a switch seems to flip in the minds of many people. All of a sudden it's not about "just" exchanging tenderness, but about making a mark. What a pity. Of course, bisexuals also have the right to show each other their feelings - both alone and in public.


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