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Dipping is unprotected anal intercourse in which the penis is pulled out just before orgasm.


Dipping is a term that is mainly used within the Gay Scene is widespread. The principle: unprotected anal sex occurs and just before the active partner comes, he pulls his Penis out of the other person. He then ejaculates on his back or face, for example.

Despite all the passion, however, it should not be forgotten that dipping is a sex practice that is associated with a high level of risk. After all, due to the fact that dipping is based on a Condom If the sperm is not used, there is a high probability that diseases can be transmitted. Because: it is of course a fallacy that only the sperm would be able to cause infections. Especially during anal sex, there are often tiny cracks through which bodily fluids can pass before they reach the body. Orgasm can penetrate.

Despite all this, dipping - perhaps also out of carelessness - enjoys great popularity, especially when cruising. At gang bang parties, too, many gays see an enormous attraction in trying out dipping for themselves. Many scenes of this kind take place - also because of the "Dirty Images" of technology - also play an important role in gay porn.

If you fancy that special thrill of seeing your sperm on your partner's back, you still shouldn't miss out on a Rubber and then simply remove it shortly before orgasm. This way you can combine the pleasure of your own "juice" and safety.