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Docking refers to a special kind of joint masturbation.


Docking" is a comparatively new term for a special masturbation technique. It requires at least two partners. Docking can also be practised in the gang bang variant.

The principle: the gays masturbate, first touching with their own Penis the Acorn of the other. Afterwards the one Foreskin over the glans of the other. In this way, both "dock" with each other.

The special docking attraction here is not only that you can watch each other masturbate (and usually also when you Orgasm), but also that the front tip of the penis is stimulated by the partner. The stimulation is usually comparatively light, but extremely intense. Many gays compare the feeling somewhat with the popular Deepthroat Technique in which the tip of the penis is stimulated by the partner's throat.

Docking now also plays a bigger role, especially in newer porn. Since it is not always possible to put the foreskin over several participants at the same time, the gays also arrange themselves more often in a "star shape" and masturbate in the middle. Classic docking, however, is only when there is actual "docking". Although this type of sex requires a partner, many classify it as masturbation.

But: since docking is exclusively without Condom As with other sexual practices, extreme caution is advised here. Especially in connection with frequently changing partners, it can otherwise be comparatively easy for infections or diseases to be transmitted. come.