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"DT" is used in everyday life (especially in chats) as an abbreviation for deepthroat.

DT, then: Deepthroat, is one of the best known Blowjob techniques at all. The special feature: the Penis is inserted particularly deeply into the mouth so that the Acorn again and again at the back of the throat. The feeling can also be intensified - if both agree - by holding the head of the person blowing on both sides and guiding it in this way.

This creates a special charm that may well ensure that the "normal" blowjob is perceived as a little boring in the course of time.

However, a particularly long DT can also be quite strenuous for the "wind player". Here it is especially important to pay attention to the correct breathing technique. Otherwise, a spontaneous gag reflex could arise due to the closeness to the throat. It is also important that the Tail - unless desired - does not come into contact with the teeth. Otherwise it could become painful.

The popular DT technique is also used in many porn films today. Actually, you don't need a "trained eye" to recognise that you are being sucked particularly intensively. Depending on the size of the penis, however, it can be quite a challenge.

In search of a DT partner (either active or passive), many come across sex forums on the internet. This often offers the wonderful opportunity to get in touch with DT lovers. come. The abbreviation "DT" for Deepthroat is just strongly represented in said forums.