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The pleasure drop is a no amount of semen that comes out of the penis just before orgasm.

Shortly before the man was Orgasm comes, the Penis a small amount of semen. This is called a "drop of pleasure". So if you're in the middle of giving your loved one a Blowjob or Handjob and sees that a little moisture is building up around the Acorn knows that it won't be long before the climax.

Especially with regard to Safer Sex caution is advised here! Thus the Condom already be sitting before the desire drop comes out. This applies both with regard to the possible transmission of diseases and (for hetero couples) with regard to pregnancy.

The colour of the pleasure drop is usually not very different from the actual semen. The drop just seems a little thinner. Sometimes the amount secreted is so small that it is not noticed at all.

This can become a risk, for example, if the drop of pleasure finds its way into the other person's body via the hands (for example, during petting).

However, it is also certain that the drop of lust is often perceived as extremely erotic. After all, it indicates, among other things, that now is the time to really step on the gas before the "big finale". However, if you want to delay sex a little longer, you should shift down a gear at the latest when the lust drop appears. Incidentally, this is also a common practice from the field of the BDSM. Here the TailThe woman is penetrated until she is on the verge of orgasm... And exactly then a break is taken. This "game" can be repeated several times and at the end it can also cause pain - up to Blue Balls - cause.