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These gay celebrities enchant the TV landscape

Gay celebrities

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16 April 2020 08:50

During the Corona crisis many people rediscover a familiar hobby. TV evenings - either in a cosy group or alone - are suddenly enjoyed even more extensively. A look at the TV landscape shows again and again how many gays have been making sure for years that the Scene enjoys great popularity.

No question: The following gays not only look good, but also convince with their skills! Many have been in the business for years and have already encouraged many people to start their own Coming out to dare.

But who is actually particularly popular? Which gays would we no longer want to miss in the film and TV landscape?

Jim Parsons - Dr. Dr. Sheldon Cooper ("The Big Bang Theory")

Jim Parsons is not only gay and has been together with his Todd for a very long time, but also plays one of the main roles in one of the most successful series of all time ("The Big Bang Theory"). Couple photos with his sweetheart are rare. Nevertheless, Parsons has no problem showing his love for the same sex to the outside world.

Especially interesting: his coming out took place publicly and accordingly in a large setting. An encouraging gesture for all gays worldwide.

Wolfgang Joop (fashion designer)

Designer Wolfgang Joop is one of those people who have perhaps not been gay since birth. bisexual are. Perhaps he was also not aware of his inclinations beforehand. Because: he was married to a woman in the 70s and 80s. His marriage produced two children. Today he lives with a man and creates great collections and occasionally participates in successful formats such as "Germany's next Topmodel".

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Kristen Steward ("Twilight")

The beautiful Kristen Steward has also discovered her love for the same sex after entering into a relationship with Robert Pattinson, among others. However, she inspires not only with her courage and her Coming outbut also by her look. There is not much left of the shy "Bella Swan" from the "Twilight" films. Today Kristen looks extremely self-confident and can be photographed with her female partners without any problems.

Christian Polanc ("Let's Dance")

Christian Polanc only came out of the closet in 2015 and was - as he says - a little surprised himself by his inclinations. Because: until he fell in love with a man for the first time, he had always been with women. Today he is one of the most popular professional dancers on "Let's Dance". Many celebrities, such as Laura Müller, wanted exactly him as their dance partner.

Neil Patrick Harris ("How I Met Your Mother")

Another star of the American sitcom industry: Neil Patrick Harris also loves a man. In fact, the heartthrob has been married to his sweetheart David Burtka (also an actor) since 2014.

Udo Walz (star hairdresser)

Star hairdresser Udo Walz is one of Germany's older celebrity gays. With his flair and creativity, he makes sure that the rich and beautiful look good. No matter whether national or international. There are few stars he hasn't done their hair. "On the side", Walz also maintains a real long-term relationship. He has been with a partner Carsten since 1994. The partnership was registered in 2008.

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